🍅 Hate the Chef, love the Condiments 🌭





“… and instead of a tip I left a tract.”


@M_M suggested I eat Korean BBQ in bed. :laughing: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Not to be trusted. j/k


Yes, but when @M_M did was it satori for you?

This is what is fascinating and terrifying.


Today I made pulled-pork panini for lunch. Pretty simple. Turkish roll, pulled pork from the deli counter, a little mayo, some cheese and HP sauce instead of BBQ sauce, put in sandwich crusher until done.

I understand that this might make me a fugitive in some US states. Totes worth it.


Nah, you’re good. I can’t stand the mayo, but that makes me the black sheep south of the Mason-Dixon.

Unless it’s kewpie mayo, then we could talk.


Worcestershire sauce is low-viscosity, almost water thin. Brown sauce is high-viscosity, similar to ketchup or BBQ sauce.

“BBQ Sauce crossed with Worcestershire Sauce” is probably a good shorthand description for brown sauce, though.



Excellent…worth the read. Have already passed on the link to others. Thanks!


Your Kewpie needs moar wasabi.


Bring it.


I will cut you.

A meatless McGriddle sandwich is the only thing McDonalds makes that’s worth eating, and pineapple (with green olives and beef) is one of the best pizzas out there no one knows about because it’s in Middle East/SE Asia.


Do go on…


You lost me with the McGriddle then brought me back with the pizza.


I’m guessing that the lead in the water would make ketchup soup too sweet.



Two generations in my family considered [ noodles, butter, and ketchup ] to be an acceptable dinner.

When the butter and ketchup mix, it smells like Play-Doh.


5-year-old me would be intrigued by this and would undoubtedly eat a plateful.


My wife got a giant case of play-doh for her co-worker’s kids… The 3.x year old girl is obsessed with it – she wakes up at 2 AM and asks for her Play-Doh.


I feel obligated to inform you that coworker now hates you.