🍅 Hate the Chef, love the Condiments 🌭


We also gave our nephew a drum set…


Best use of that GIF I’ve seen.


Of course ya put catchup on a hotdog…
Who wants to eat some gangrenous looking mustardy finger-dog?


I couldn’t read this whole thread. Is it really 540+ posts about putting ketchup on hot dogs?


if you skip the one about mayo it’s less than 500


That is the best food hacking ever… I wonder if I could get the kid to actually eat that.


It digresses into pizza toppings as well, so ~480?


Ya, I love that one – simple, but near-perfect.

There were more Halloween meat serving tips and other stuff:


At one point, there’s a digression about ketchup on green beans (and people giving me shit for it).


Also mayo on french fries.


I don’t eat meat, so I haven’t got any commentary on ketchup/hotdogs (veggie dogs are unsatisfying things I only use with baked beans to make beans & franks). Never thought to try ketchup on green beans, but it sounds like it might be good.

I shouldn’t eat fries and mayo, but I totally would if it was in front of me.


What’s your stance on poutine?


As a Canadian trapped in an American body, I find it a glorious, beautiful food. Start the day with some Timmy’s, grab some poutine for lunch, BeaverTail or ButterTart snack a bit later, and some correctly prepared fiddleheads in pasta for dinner, and it’s a culinary day of wonder, eh.


You guys made me do it:


can you list the exact steps that resulted in the remote-forcing? this is a product we should standardise and sell



Okay, too much to wade through, but here’s my tastes…

KETCHUP for hotdogs, good french fries (Five Guys), and hamburgers.
SWEET BBQ SAUCE (KC Masterpiece/Sweet Baby Ray’s) for hot dogs (preferred), crappy french fries (In N Out), sweet potato fries, and bratwurst.
SWEET HONEY MUSTARD (Inglehoffer) for hot dogs, bratwurst, hamburgers, fried ham, and eggs (deviled and hard-fried).
MIRACLE WHIP for sandwiches.
MAPLE SYRUP for breakfast sausage and french toast.


I’ve never had a chance to try it but it sounds wonderful. Although I also love a pun.


Doesn’t everybody dip fries in A1 Steak Sauce when they’re taking a break from mayo (or alternating fries)?


No Mayo!
Only HP sauce (if they have it); suitably spicy or non-sweet catchup; malt vinegar; siracha; something else on the table that looks interesting.