Tour of a Japanese convenience store


Suntory does have some good brands in its portfolio including Hibiki. Which you can get at most convenience stores. Not the top shelf Hibiki but still.


Boss Black was my go-to when I visited there, and I loved that I could get it either hot or cold depending on the vending machine, for less than a dollar. I tried a few other Boss flavors – I remember the Rainbow Mountain being godawful.

Good news! A cup of coffee at Starbucks is about $1.80 these days. Still dark and char-flavored, but given the lines out the door every day, that’s some people’s idea of a good time.

I went there as a vegetarian and became a pescatarian almost immediately out of necessity.


Quantity wise the $1.80 cup is probably more volume than two ¥100 cans.

I forgot to mention that about a year ago the can size of anything priced at ¥100 or ¥110 became slightly smaller than the size y’all were getting on trips here a few years ago.

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