Transhumanist church not much different from any other smalltown church


But its OK for some reason because Perfect Genetics


That assumes that immortality means staying around in the form of an eating, breathing, shitting meatsack. Credible posthumanist sci-fi doesn’t hew to that.


Personally, I think that an extremely large percentage of the world’s problems stem from people who cannot or will not see past the next election or fiscal quarter.

I suspect that creating a situation where the wealthiest and most powerful people know they will be alive when there’s no more breathable air or drinkable water, that the peasant uprising will be within their lifetime, then maybe, just maybe, they’ll start operating in their own self-interest.


I dunno, billionaires often don’t start spending significant amounts of money on long-term projects (endowments, museums, university grants, etc) until they’re old enough to start giving serious thought to their own mortality and want to make sure the world has something to remember them by. Besides, death is one of the few things that limits the amount of wealth that can accumulate at the top. You’ve got heirs competing for a slice of the pie, estate taxes (in civilized countries, anyway), and the aforementioned endowments and such. “You can’t take it with you” creates a strong motive for philanthropy.

A self-interested billionaire who knows he’s likely to live for centuries more is less likely to invest his fortune in fighting global warming than in ensuring he’s got a survival strategy in place for when it happens.


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