Triple amputee veteran starts GoFundMe for Trump's border wall


In opposition of Trump’s followers and the stupid build the wall Go Fund Me campaign, we have counter that campaign with We the People Will NOT Build the Wall. Contributions will go towards judicial equality, and many other nonprofit efforts.


Oscar Hills IV



So wait… All the crowdfunders are Mexican citizens right? Because I was pretty sure that the orange turdlet promised that Mexico was going to pay for his wall…



Trump always puts America first


If they raise enough money, will they start asking Mexico to reimburse their contributions?



Imagine if the most severely wounded Airman to survive any war raised $5 million to help wounded veterans like himself instead of throwing it all away on a con artist’s big lie.

#NeedsMoreLikes (formerly known as "All the Likes")

Looks like it’s all gonna fail anyway but seriously, the problem isn’t just about afordability. The problem is also that it’s a terrible idea environmentally. I don’t care if you could build the thing for free, or somehow if it became a money making venture. I STILL don’t want that fucking thing. And last I checked a larger majority of Americans agree with me.


I’m only one person, but I agree.


That works out to half a million dollars per mile of border. I suppose you could build some kind of barrier on that budget but it would probably be the kind that couldn’t keep out a mildly determined raccoon, let alone a human with a pair of bolt-cutters or a six-foot ladder.


For reference, road reconstruction runs over $1M/lane mile these days. (Meaning one mile of a 4-lane road costs $4+M/mile.)


I mean - the whole cost thing is like a straw man argument from the start. We just don’t want the dang wall. Reagan didn’t say “tear down that [Berlin] wall because it costs too much to maintain”. It was because it was a form of human oppression. And in this case as I said before environmentally harmful. AND as we’ve said over and over, it doesn’t work. It won’t stop people from overstaying visas. Not to mention it’s just a big old racist middle finger to our southern neighbor to imply that people coming here are by definition dangerous. I could go on and on and I’m sure most readers on this page are on my side here. But my point is, cost is not the main problem with the wall.


No, they’ll set the surplus aside for the NorthWall project.
You know, on the border to Canada.


On the bright side, the list of contributors can be compiled into a “Who’s Who You Should Avoid?” book.


Just goes to show you can be in wheelchair and still be a total asshole.


Dude, really uncool.


Because they were ruled by a literal gangster for thirty years. They still haven’t recovered. Hopefully the damage to US democracy won’t last seventy years.


When I got home in 1970, many veterans, including myself, were protesting the Vietnam War. A few veterans of my acquaintance supported the war, with arguments about global communism, etc., etc. Same thing here, I believe. Go figure!.


The thought of fleecing fellow citizens in order to try to fulfill Drumpf’s perverse and racist campaign promise strikes me as incredibly brain damaged, so yes, I have thought it through.


What really makes me sad is thinking of all the wonderful things that those millions of dollars already pledged could do. (Things that, I’m sure, those pledging would oppose.)