Trump administration considering deep background checks on Chinese students


Well, that (security theatre) may well be the case - I do not disagree. I still believe China represents a subtly different and more dangerous threat, in aggregate, longer term. All these jokey “I for one welcome our new … overlords” will one day be true and the overlords will be China, in the way USA was in 20th century.
Signalling to China that we recognise their ambitions, strategies and tactics, is better than ignoring them.
(Seeing how much agricultural land they’ve bought around the world is a bit worrying, to note another part of the strategy. And challenging them on IP abuses is also long overdue.)


My point isn’t that they are not a threat but that they are as well as others. I don’t have enough knowledge to say if they more or less dangerous than other countries. I definitely agree they shouldn’t be underestimated.

I mention the TSA since there are real threats of terrorism but most of what they do is about the theater. The parallel being I’m sure there are some Chinese (and other country’s) spies here. And some may be students. But whatever this administration does that makes it to the news will be most if not all theater that will harm innocent visitors while doing nothing to stop real spies. I suspect there are adults working behind the scenes that have nothing to do with the Cheeto’s policies that are actually trying to be effective. But this stuff in the OP is just trump working on his election campaign.


Aha! So THAT’S how they were able to spread that hoax about so-called “Global Warming!”


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