Trump the Chump


You voted that shit weasel in. You were warned. Nevertheless, you persisted.


Hours after Stormy Daniels was on the air, and no tweets from Trump?

Query location of the Vice President. Prepare to activate Shit-Gibbon Down.


I do think this headline is off.

Here’s a simple rule, whenever someone says that Trump’s biggest supporters aren’t behind him on something, they are wrong about who his biggest supporters are. Trump’s biggest supporters, to borrow a phrase from Anderson Cooper, would be enthusiastically behind him taking a dump on the desk in the oval office. If someone is even questioning their support of Trump, for any reason whatsoever, they just aren’t one of his biggest fans.

Rush Limbaugh? What do you think? Crazy Rush? Rush the slob?
Ann Coulter? Get ready to be told about the time you were bleeding from your face.

You can’t revolt against the authoritarian leader from your seat 7 tiers down from lieutenant. Headline should have been “A bunch of dumbasses have sublimated their disappointed at their own stupidity into self-aggrandizement.”


Well, there were a few comments in that Reddit post that indicated that anyone who griped about the President’s duplicity about the spending bill got banned on t_D subreddit, so his most rabid supporters with him, hell or high water. But Rush was still dealing with callers outraged by his inability to veto the bill when I listened yesterday. (I didn’t listen long enough to find out whether he was defending Trump to them or not.) And Ann just tweeted this bit of Trumpregret:


The eating their own responses are what make that tweet even better.




Likely she’s just jealous.


What infrastructure policy?





Arizona is running out of water. The state is entering its twentieth year of drought and the conditions are intensifying. Much of the state is now experiencing extreme drought conditions, with minimal rainfall and meager snowpacks. The winter of 2018 has been the driest ever recorded recorded in Arizona. Two major reservoirs in Central Arizona, Cragin and Horseshoe Lake, are nearly empty at a time of year when they should be nearly full. Meanwhile, Lake Foul continues to shrink, ceding back a bit of Glen Canyon with each declining acre foot. The spring-summer runoff into the reservoir is expected to be only 43 percent of normal, making it the sixth worst water year in the infamous lake’s history. It’s quaint that Trump believes the worst problem confronting the southwest are a few thousand desperate people crossing the border.


Things to look forward to. Maybe.

NOVEMBER: The Defense Department announces “incontrovertible evidence” of the existence of intelligent extraterrestrial life trying to make contact with Earth. It does not get above-the-fold attention in the mainstream media, as the announcement coincides with the release of Trump’s latest sex tape.”


Because, well, coal right?


And water is wet.




I don’t know if we have any windfarms, but I think we have a solar farm down in south GA somewhere.


The Kochs tried to pressure former Gov Brownback to not back any tax credits for wind farms but Westar Energy was more influential in Topeka so the Kochs lost that battle. Initially wind farms were for voltage regulation so they could build coal plants out in western Kansas and not suffer the justified NIMBYism in the eastern half of the state. But as they built up more farms under the tax credit it became far more profitable and I believe the original plans for the coal plant have been canceled. So now Kansas is one of those bigger markets for wind power for obvious reasons (thanks to the Rockies to the east and the Gulf of Mexico to the south makes for a perfect combo to have regularly windy conditions). I believe Texas had a similar battle but the Kochs lost their too. It’s amusing to see how “Alien v Predator” kind of battles can once in a while lead to positive results.

Edit: Note I’m just recalling from my time when I was still in my home state (Kansas) from the silly letters to the editor in the Wichita Eagle. Like even there the Kochs would astroturf all kinds of BS that way. It was weird seeing how much effort was put into it.



My favorite Trump statement on Comey that he keeps repeating, apparently without irony, is that he should be arrested because the memos were classified, and releasing them was illegal… and also, that they were all made up and completely fake.

If… if they’re fake and made up… then they aren’t um… classified…?