Trump the Chump


Let’s say it’s completely true. If that’s the case, it’s… neither good or bad? It’s not like there’s anything wrong with Iranians just by virtue of them being from Iran. I’ve known several people from Iran who are cool AF… and of course the wonderful Mehdi Sadaghdar is from Iran.

Oh, right, Trump’s a fucking racist cockwomble.


He wouldn’t listen anyway. He’s incapable.



should I bother reading emptywheel?



Customer questions & answers:

Question: How tiny are the hands???

Answer: I have known him for sixty years. He has very big, powerful hands. In part, this is due to the fact that he did physical labor on his father’ worksights from a young age. I lived about half a mile from him as a teenager.

Emphasis added…





Because satire is dead…


I guess that it’s hard to hire illegals now with all the Secret Service vetting of employees and attention.


The honeymoon is over:


I guess we’ll just have to wait for the next summit! Meanwhile DPRK is gonna DPRK.


Yep, by continuing to play their limited cards pretty well while dealing with an ever-disingenuous, rapacious empire.



Trump claims Sun write-up of his interview was ‘fake news’ because it did not include his positive comments about May

Q: [From the BBC’s Laura Kuenssberg] You have changed your tune on trade. What you said about May, is that the behaviour of a friend?

Trump says he did not criticise the PM. He says a story was done that did not put in what he said about May. He says he records his interviews. The story was “fake news”.