Trump the Chump


I am not sure he understands ‘coverage’ with respect to SNL.
And SNL like good political cartoonists skewer anyone and everyone in office.


He would dearly love to introduce some form of lese majeste to our laws, formally or informally. In fact, he seems to think it already is!




Because despite all the horribly anti-Christian things Trump has done, he’s done three things they adore him for and forgive him everything else:
• treat LGBT people like shit
• make token moves that seem vaguely pro-life
• moved the US embassy to Jerusalem


And judges. Lots of conservative f’ng judges.



“Prove once and for all”

I doubt he’s satisfied, though. I think he’s probably going to have to prove it again.




Trump thinks he’s so clever having a staffer craft cheesy Game of Thrones memes for him.


Season 7 spoilers…




Looks like a comb over to me.



George RR Martin really needs to clap back at him for the stupid references that aren’t really as relevant or edgy as 45’s staff thinks they are.



Sadly, there’s no chance of cutting off Trump’s water until after March. Hmm, cable TV!


If we needed further evidence, here it is.




“So many coffee boys.”


Fixed it for you.


No great love for the intel chiefs, but I do find myself feeling badly for them having to work with an asshole like Trump.


But treating those guys badly??? They have the dirt on you mr. president. You don’t have to agree with them but definitely don’t shit on them.