UK to allow electric scooters on roads, but only if you rent one

You could go to a scooter leasing and make a 36 month contract and and the end pay the redeem.

Looks that someone had the same idea.

Public liability insurance?

A company might need to have that in order to operate, whereas a private individual mightn’t bother. Then, when (not if) someone gets injured and the private owner can’t afford to pay compensation, the victim gets nothing.

Also, it means they only have to approve a couple of different scooter models, and they can enforce some rules about maintenance.

All of the rationalizations for making this corporate-only are bullshit. Rental e-scooters are an even worse pox than rental e-bikes for the streets and neighborhoods of Seattle, frankly.

Thing is, people take care of their various scooters, Segways, and other private gear a lot better than rental stuff, nor do they generally leave their own vehicles lying randomly by the side of the road. We’ve all seen the rentals, don’t try to pretend they’re somehow MORE safe than any other examples.

I’m all for this type of vehicle, owned by the masses. They can answer a real need very well. By corporations? Nope. It’s exactly as dumb as saying you cannot ride a privately-owned bicycle, but a rental is A-OK.


Waiting times for trial, after 11 years of cuts to the criminal justice system, can be 3 years. Since CV19 that’s gotten worse.


I ride my individually owned bike to work. I ride faster than these scooters can. I have no liability insurance, and there are no maintenance laws.
Again none of these concerns are different from the existing modes of transport that people use every day, and that manages to work just fine without requiring corporate ownership of individual use vehicles



I saw a young lady walking with a friend a couple of weeks ago but she had an electric scooter that looked like it was well over twenty years old… going by the paint job…

I kicked myself later for not taking a photon-ograph :slight_smile:

what’s your suggestion for corporate then…

mines… wing it

Maybe it’s a trial balloon for making you rent cars, not own them. /s Imagine how that would go down!

Here in Germany, e-scooters must have liability insurance. They have teensy little licence plates to prove it. It doesn’t matter whether you own it or rent it.

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And of course, as soon as they become available, idiots are going to take them on the pavement anyway, despite that being illegal, and it is the most vulnerable pedestrians who are going to suffer.

It makes me long for one of those umbrellas with the metal bit on the end.

Rental electric scooters to clutter UK street scenes after Department of Transport gives year-long trial the thumbs-up

And so it begins…

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