UK university campaign encourages shower peeing

Shower? The shower in my hall of residence was all the way down the corridor.

The sink was in my room.


I think it’d only be a problem for me if I was IN the shower with the dude in question at the time. It’s all gray water, right?


The shower trap doesn’t flush away waste like a flushing toilet does.
In other words, there will be urine at various levels of dilution sitting in the shower drains, and your shower(s) will smell like piss.

If you’re gonna piss in the shower, do it at the beginning of your shower instead of the end.
The shower water will help flush the trap.


The stats wonks over at FiveThirtyEight took up the topic of peeing in the shower recently: Dear Mona, I Pee In The Shower. Am I Normal?

Although their data was based on a survey taken of US residents, so opinions on the matter may be different elsewhere.

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This cries out for a video campaign. Nothing NSFW, just, as Orson Welles put it, “that faraway look which men get when they’re peeing.”


Squick. And here I was thinking that that sort of behaviour is something people grew out of by the time they had a double-digit age. Like wetting the bed.

Yes, but you are the only person who thinks that.

Oddly enough, it also has anti-fungal properties, and can inhibit if not cure athlete’s foot. I have tested this under the most stringent laboratory conditions.


Topical or oral administration?


Perhaps related:

Topical! Topical! Good God, man!


Please don’t tell me this escalated to “sun tea” in a jar.

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In case anyone is interested, here is a cool video from 2009’s “Pee in the Shower - SOS Native Atlantic Forests” campaign in Brazil.


My friends in college, one drunken eve, asked if I got out of the shower to pee. Well, of course I did!

“WASP! You’re a WASP.”

It was a slow metamorphosis but, by collegiate standards, I’m no longer a WASP.

Urine is not sterile, and neither is the rest of you


Fine it is not sterile, but I would drink my own urine before I’d lick my feet after standing in a university shower barefoot.


A far better way to save water would be to treat and recycle greywater. If you’re doing that I’m pretty sure you don’t want it full of pee.

And they won like a ton of awards for that xixi no banho drive:

They’re going to hang this on you, verbatim and sans context, if you ever run for public office. But then I’ve got my own my “no-longer-WASP” albatross (see above).

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