✌ Victory! ✌

Ever see that Richard Prior movie?


I recall a fellow whose wife cleaned out the entire house including the switch/outlet plates when she left him. (he was the head of a national lab in Idaho and returned from a trip to find the divorce papers and an empty house). Don’t know if she took the screen doors.


I have nearly finished my latest university assignment, which is the third last of the year. I almost quit my studies multiple times this year (most recently this week), but I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel.


Warm water!


Do not tease me like that. You either give me the whole of that amazing Blues Brothers scene, James Brown and all, or nothing. Just giving me a taste of that amazing cinematic moment and then cutting it off? That is effectively torture.


That’s a full 3/8" thick sandcast red bronze (not brass). If I sell this property that switchplate is not included, nor the matching bronze heat registers, nor any of the ceramic switchplates. The chromed brasswork I put in the bathrooms can stay, and also the iron registes.


So: I got a car. A 2004 Volvo station wagon, with heated seats, moon roof, luggage rack, and a pound of dog hair.


sounds like a good solid tote the family around tank.
heated seats are nice… now that i think of it that would be a thing i would like to have for my car but ehn seattle never stays cold for that long.


I’ve got them in my car, but I honestly don’t use them except on days when it’s 20° F or colder. They’re nice for the time period before the engine really warms up, and the heater would be blowing cold air.


Can I start a fund to upgrade you to 24" rims?


I managed to grocery shop at one of the most viciously crowded and overwrought grocery stores in the area and do my regular grocery shopping at my regular place with only moderate anxiety leftovers. I had assistance or it would have been a no-go.

But it’s a victory nonetheless.


My assistance is named Gabapentin. And I get to do exactly this (overcrowded store) in a little bit. But I don’t really get anxiety at overly crowded grocery stores, I mostly get… Terse? Which makes me feel bad cause I don’t want the employees to feel bad.

Negative feedback loops blow.

But for a victory today I picked flowers, and my room smells like a (good) botanical garden :smiley:


This evening, we picked up Burger King on the way back with the car, and my son got one of those paper crowns they have, and I got one for his sister, and put it on my head since my hands were full.

He looks at me and says, “Dad, you look cool.”


Heated seats and steering wheel are the best way to heat an electric car. Tremendously kinder on the batteries than heating the air.


That’s the thing about regaining a sense of smell…

Most stuff doesn’t smell very good.


Not really a victory, but very nice.
Look what I found upstairs:

For you, mama. :slight_smile: And the five year old even used a glass wich I won’t have any problem when broken. Probably living in the same sentiment I do now "spring! “.


Wouldn’t it have been slightly better if my wife doesn’t have to drive it back up to Massachusetts (90 minute drive) on Wednesday to have the front-passenger’s door replaced?

They replaced it the day before we bought it, to fix a problem with the window. Not only does the new door’s window not work, but it won’t close properly.

Ay, gevalt!


Filed my fuckin’ taxes. Fucking finally. I’m getting money back, so I’m not upset about it, but the whole thing is just such a damn chore. Amazing to have it off my mind, though.

I also got a ton of shit done today. I was suspiciously productive.


Me too! You know how when one light blows, it doesn’t seem like such a big deal because there are others nearby so it’s not like one light bulb is the difference between seeing and utter darkness? Certainly not enough to bother changing it, right? Well, that starts to add up. Yesterday, I changed 7 light bulbs, the covers of which all needed to be unscrewed with a Philips screwdriver. Rust played a factor with a few of them. Stupid task, took longer than it should have, and now I feel like I will never have to change another light bulb again.


Good job. :smiley:

No overt victories for me to report.

Except I had a conversation that I didn’t want to have. And I got a lot of stuff done like I do every work day (not a brag despite the Victory thread). And I didn’t cry during business hours which is apparently a thing that happens now. Pardon me while I go find the “F Today” thread so I can be a bit more on-topic. :laughing: