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RatWoman’s amniocentesis results came back today. The baby is genetically normal. And because RatMan knows how to read a genetics report, he knows that it’s going to be a girl!. (Don’t tell RatWoman; she claims she does not want to know. Which is weird, because last time she couldn’t wait to find out.) This does leave me with something of an ethical dilemma, because everyone else DOES want to know. But I doubt it’ll be a secret after the next ultrasound. Four months to go…


Keep it a secret, bro.

A friend at work was mystified that we didn’t want to know the gender until the birth. Until she found out she was having a boy. She was perfectly happy with a boy – but she said one of the biggest surprises in her life was now no longer a mystery.

My own wife spent a week poring over ultrasound printouts and looking up information online. She ended up being convinced that we were having a girl. We did, but not that time.

There is no ethical dilemma – nobody else has a right to know, and your wife has the right for it to be a surprise. Tell everyone else that if they can keep a secret, you’ll let them know in a few months.


Just keep practicing. “They. They. They.”

You don’t want to come home one day, and, “Hi honey, how is she treating you today. Wait. CRAP!”


I wanted it to be a surprise. My son, however, wanted it known he was going to be a boy - stuck his junk right into the ultrasound wand.


We found out during the amnio, ultrasoud camera for the amio showed not only that the kid to be was a boy but proud of it at the time.


Well, it’s pretty academic. At the last ultrasound, the tech said “I don’t see any genitalia” and that will be even more obvious at the next one. She has almost no belly fat so the ultrasounds are amazingly clear.

And yes, it’s in my best interests to keep it a secret. She knows that I know, and she knows how I know it, so leaking it would instantly point the fickle finger at me. :smile: It’s not like it matters anyway; we have enough kids that nobody is going to be buying us darling little matching color-appropriate clothing ensembles (though some unstained onesies might be nice!) And her mother is already insisting it’s a girl, based on how high she’s carrying it or some other pseudo-medical claptrap, so there’s that.


Regardless of gender, Japhroaig is a solid name.


More reminiscent of a liquid, I would think.


Some day… some day I will convince someone to name a babbe after me. I’ve been trying for years.



Then tell your MIL it is a boy. In fact, tell everyone the sex, just don’t always give the same answer.


I have 3 kids and neither of us knew what the gender was till the birth. There are few surprises – figured we’d keep it all exciting. It went girl girl girl btw. My kids occasionally ask if I wanted a son – just for Boy Scouts and for fart appreciation. But I have some beefs with the BSA so this removes the moral dilemma for me.

I learned yesterday that in India it’s illegal to find out the gender of the baby before the birth.


So no gender reveal party, then? (I just learned recently that this is a thing)


Pfft. Overrated.


Do onesies with a food stain design exist? Like this shirt, but more convincing?


I can give you experience from the woman point of view on this one. My daughter’s dad (my now ex) had three other kids from a previous marriage. He had one child who was born with severe birth defects, and so, yes, he knows how to read an ultrasound very well. I had never seen one before and couldn’t tell a finger from a wee wee. Apparently the tech put the wand RIGHT OVER her little labia. So he totally knew, but he knew I didn’t want to know. The whole time I was pregnant he kept joking about wanting a boy and pretending he didn’t know. But he knew.

The nice thing that he did was right when I was in labor, he told me, “I know it’s a girl, and even though I’ve been joking about wanting a boy, I know she’s not and I want you to know I am fine with that.”

It’s funny that during the pregnancy I had a superstition about not bonding with my baby as well (some article I read) if I knew, but what a load of shit that was.


No, but babby will quickly make it so. Free babby clothes are best babby clothes, stains or no.


I didn’t know it was either!

I may end up telling her anyway… she woke up this morning and wanted to know. Pregnancy hormones are weird. :smile:


Nice bikes, though.

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