Walmart removes 9/11 WTC tribute display made from Coke cartons


There should be no referencing outside culture in our halls of commerce.






I understand such displays are often the work of the supplier (i.e. Coca-Cola) and not the actual store – though I suppose the store at least has to approve it.


If Bush had been there when the Walmart employees took down that coke tower he’d have used it as an excuse to invade Target.


Did Pepsi try to fly a plane into it or something?


How dare they sully the great name of COCA COLA with references to 9/11 ?! OUTRAGE!


Imagine what will happen when someone tries to take a carton of Coke Zero from the bottom of one of the towers to put in their cart.

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I don’t get it. What’s “grotesque” about it? A bit tacky perhaps, but I really don’t see any problem with a display like this. Some people just like to be outraged at something all the time I guess.

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I was going to say something and then I remembered seeing “Heroes of the Alamo Bottled Water” once in San Antonio and then realized America has no tact.


The idea that the Coca Cola corporation would ever try to use patriotic sentiment as a way of selling beverages is just offensive.

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Not offended by this any more than staged reunions at sporting events or any of the rest of this type of nonsense.

While not offended I would try and get a friend to join me in dressing as a hijacker and we could crash in to them with shopping carts several minutes apart.


I may take some heat but… this “Never Forget” kinda’ rhetoric just sounds to me like “Hate Muslims,” just like references to Pearl Harbor sound like "Hate the Japanese."
Maybe that’s just me.


The most American thing I ever saw was one year after 9/11. I went to The Big E, the ‘state fair’ for all of New England, and their evening parade was the usual marching bands, farm floats, and dance troupes. But then came a platoon of Stormtroopers from the 501st; each had an American flag decal on their shoulder, and they were followed by Darth Vader in a convertible, waving to the crowd.

Close behind came the biggest RV I ever saw. Its sides were painted with huge American flags and bald eagles, and poking from the top was Ronald McDonald. He was waving a massive American flag back and forth as he lip-synched God Bless the USA by Lee Greenwood, which was blaring from speakers on the sides of the RV.

All it needed was a 21-gun salute to encompass American pride.


Eh - it might be a little of that, but I think it is way bigger than just a dumbed down “hate the blank”.


It’s more than a “bit” tacky. In the context of a Walmart, a “memorial” is just another display to get you to buy cokes (whether it was made out of coke boxes or not). It’s some combination of cynical marketing effort and disaster porn.

Not that that poster is remotely real*, but cynical appeals to “patriotism” by global corporations to sell shit is always grotesque.


Because one of the most horrific acts of terrorism in living memory was being used in an advertising display to sell shit? Making it out of an unhealthy sweetened beverage just added insult to injury.


Miracle Mattress “Twin Towers” September 11 Mattress Sale!


These colas don’t run!



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Yeah, but at least people who fought in the Civil War never lived long enough to see Lincoln’s visage used to advertise mattress sales.


It’s even more granular than that - most of the displays are the work of the individual driver/distributor who services the account for that location. Though the beverage companies do provide some suggestions they do give a lot of latitude to the drivers. They’ll even have competitions for the best displays.