WATCH: Asked about 2nd-term priorities, Donald Trump goofs bigly on Hannity

I can totally see that happening. His deterioration is progressing right in front of our eyes. He can barely track what happens from one day to the next. He’s being propped up by his minions and handlers, and all the motivation for winning the election is coming from them. Donny sometimes tries his best to put on a good show, but often fails (like in this interview). He occasionally realizes he doesn’t like an outcome (like the Tulsa rally) and takes it out on said minions, but doesn’t have the leadership or wherewithal to plan a replacement who will do better.

None of the policy priorities the administration is pushing right now are coming from him. They are coming from his close toadies - Miller, Barr, Pompeo - and they don’t seem to coordinate, so they are disjointed and mostly incoherent. They will ramp up the intensity of the effort to get him re-elected, but they are leaderless and not working together in a coordinated fashion, so I wouldn’t expect to have great results, either. They will be painful and cruel, but still not have very much effect on the outcome.

Of course, the one thing that could pull this election together for him is, perversely, what most of us want - for the pandemic to come under control and for the real economy - actual living wage jobs for regular Americans - to return to some semblance of OK-ness. But there is no sign of that from the administration. They are going all-in on the opposite - make the pandemic worse and crash the economy harder - because that’s all they know how to do.


Common knowledge, along with common sense: 2 things Trump is totally lacking.

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God willing.


Trump missed his calling. He could have been a muse for Bob Dylan.


Someday, someone is going to make a biopic about the Trump Whitehouse. It’s going to make “The Death of Stalin” look like competency porn.


“Goofs”? He spouted gibberish in a rambling, stream-of-consciousness response to one of the most basic questions a presidential candidate could be asked, completely unable to remotely address the question. Even for Trump this was bad.

Of course, even if he was able to answer questions and was coherent, he couldn’t answer a question about his priorities. First, because he doesn’t have plans, and second because all he’s ever had was a series of “promises” made during his campaign, which he’s largely failed to fulfill (e.g. The Wall, jailing Hillary). He can’t bring those up as priorities, because it would just draw attention to the fact that reality got in the way of his core campaign promises.

That’s almost certainly true, given he didn’t want to be elected in the first place. But yeah, he can’t admit defeat, so he may not make that much of an effort to stay in power, but he’ll do his best to totally fuck things up as he leaves.

Yeah, he lost track of the question, no doubt. But Trump is still unable to answer the question of what he’d do in a second term. He had no idea, fundamentally. If forced to (try to) answer that question, he’d spout some different gibberish about how the economy was going to do really well and how great everything would be.

That’s the weird thing about Trump’s attacks on his former staff - because he can’t admit he makes mistakes, he usually says, “That guy was always a stupid, crazy loser, but I decided to give him a chance and hire him.” It’s like he has no idea how bad he looks in that scenario.


Trump enjoys all the pomp and adulation that comes with the title of President, but has never wanted the responsibility of actually Presidenting (to coin a verb).

To borrow this writer’s description, he’s the anti-Spiderman



More than that, he longs for the pomp and adulation that his dictator buddies enjoy, like cheering crowds everywhere and bigly military parades.


I’m getting the same vibe, but I wonder how much of that is me fantasizing. He basically just winged it the first campaign and got victories one after the other, now he’s having sparsely attended rallies, horrible poll numbers, and the continuation of his COVID nightmare despite constantly trying to make it go away with words (and little more.) It’s like someone giving up a game when they’re getting crushed, “I’m not gonna win anyway, so screw it.”


He doesn’t want the job, but he also doesn’t want to lose. Something’s gonna give, and I hope it’s not the US.


He done trashed that already. Now McConnell is packing the courts because he’s smart enough to see the writing on the wall. 2/3 majority for a court appointee should never have been abandoned. Shame on you (D) for doing it thinking the ® wouldn’t one-up it for SCOTUS.


You know, if his words came from anyone not named Donald Trump, you’d say from experience that this must be either a senile, racist old man, or an entitled five year old bully. In either case, you’d say just ignore him and send him on his way. But because he’s Donald Trump, he gets all the attention he craves but doesn’t deserve.
I hope on January 21st, the media never mentions him again or publishes his tweets. Let his name be stricken from history.


I think it’s Putin who roped a dope.

I was thinking about that this morning…assuming Biden wins and Dems take back majority in Senate. If they had the spine, couldn’t they try the ol’ court packing strategy that Roosevelt did. Not just for SCOTUS but for all the federal courts where far-right Trump judges have been appointed over the last few years. Simply add 3 more judges to each court and ram through equally liberal justices to counter-balance the conservatives.

Of course the Repugs would scream bloody murder but what’s sauce for the goose and all… we’re basically dealing with scorched Earth politics anyway so might as well use it to balance things back out.

Now if only the Democratic party had the cajones to do something like this… a feller can only dream.


Even Trump doesn’t think we’ll of his re election chances.

He’s president, which is why we need to pay attention to him. What he says and does has a material impact on the lives of millions of human beings. Not all of us have the luxury to ignore him, because we’re directly impacted by what he does. :woman_shrugging:


All the people around him who admitted he didn’t expect to become president and was shocked when it happened. All the times during his presidency when he talked about the sacrifices he was making to be president, with resentment in his voice…

Yeah, that struck me at the time, when, within a few days, he claimed to have total power but also no responsibility.

Back in April, I read about how Trump had gone back to planning his fantasy parade for this 4th of July, with the military - the plan previous rejected for being far too expensive. There’s been almost no news about it since, except that it’s costing some multiple of last year’s event, so presumably it’s still going ahead, despite the worsening pandemic. Although he started planning this months ago, before his poll numbers took the dive, I suspect even then he saw it as possibly his last chance to live out his dictator fantasy.


He surely didn’t want it in the first place. The difference this time is that he knows he’s likely to go to jail once he’s no longer President.


Maybe he knows this. It’s really hard to be certain what has sunk into that addled cesspool that passes for his mind. I imagine his co-conspirators remind him periodically, though.