Watch: Guy gives CPR to a squirrel and brings it back to life

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Bless his heart (northern version of the saying, not southern).


Once the fuzz showed, the squirrel realized that his chances of executing a you-hit-me scam were quickly disappearing, so he made an exit with the quickness.


Ha! it is pure luck… that none of the man or the squirrel were black or they both be dead.

Sciuridae Chaser?


Now get it out of my bird feeder!


2nd level (or higher) Paladin successfully uses Lay On Hands class ability


On the one hand, I applaud his kindly instincts.

On the other, squirrels are not exactly in short supply, and they’re basically fluffy-tailed rats, so we could probably stand to lose one or two.


Do you want to get the plague? Because that’s how you get the plague! (Seriously, squirrels sometimes carry the plague.) Glad to see he wore gloves, though I doubt that’d deter a determined flea.

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Dave caught molesting Alvinnnnnn!

It’s a long stretch to call this CPR…

If anyone tries to resuscitate my stopped heart by jabbing me in the torso and rubbing my back for twenty minutes I will come back from the grave and haunt them for eternity.


Good to see that it didn’t involve any mouth-to-mouth.

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Well, I don’t really like squirrels, but this just made my day.

The reset button on squirrels is located on the front, just below the ribcage.

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It’s a good thing that the AHA no longer recommends mouth-to-mouth during CPR because… man… if I was there, I would have blown out that squirrel’s tiny lungs.

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Uh… if he actually gave CPR to a squirrel, the cops would have arrested him for animal cruelty because pushing down on anything’s sternum hard enough to compress the heart looks and is traumatic. I believe this is what is called “playing dead.”

Wait, isn’t @Bobo a vet? Any thoughts, if you’re reading this?

CPR Squirrel II, The Next Day:

Too soon? :grin:

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Besides the fact that with all the fun “old” diseases making a comeback (and the fact that we do technically have Le Plague here in CA), I’d be the guy in back being very quiet about having any animal medical experience if there was a squirrel that needed CPR…

But on the trauma issue… CPR done correctly is somewhat traumatic, but for rodents as small as squirrels and rats, you can do it with a thumb and forefinger. The trauma’s going to be more along the lines of “possible pulmonary contusions”, not broken ribs etc… (because chest shape and thin flexy ribs).


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