Watch Marques Brownlee's hands-in review of Apple's new AirTags

This reminds me a review of HBOs latest series,

After escaping, Hazel discovers to her horror that her husband has planted a surveillance chip inside her brain without her knowledge, allowing him to monitor her vital signs and see and hear what she is seeing and hearing at any time. Adding insult to surveillance chip, Gogol has done this to her as part of a product launch, for a tool that will allow couples to communicate more honestly by taking away all of their privacy. He claims not to see a downside to this kind of radical honesty—this is a man who makes his wife rate her orgasms with a detailed rubric—but he doesn’t have the chip put into his own brain. Gogol is clueless enough about his wife’s desires that he’s more baffled than angry when she makes her escape. Like so many tech barons before him, though, he soon realizes that his attempt to disrupt communication has led him to invent an ideal tool for stalkers, and he begins obsessively watching as Hazel attempts to rebuild her life. That’s a premise that could easily power a horror movie, but Made for Love plays it as dark comedy, with Hazel going so far as to take a job cleaning the bathrooms at a bowling alley—and really going to town on the urinals—to dissuade Gogol from watching her.

I haven’t seen it.

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