Watch: Ocasio-Cortez responds to dance-phobic Republicans with a new dance on Capital Hill


AOC staffing up:


Will nobody think of the Vice President’s shame?


With glee!


Nah, there’s a country song about that, so that would be pretty “red state”.


Fine! I’ll say it…

“Ted Cruz is Unfuckable”

There, are you happy now?


It just occurred to me that with Ocasio-Cortez in congress doing the breakfast club dance, we’ve just entered the future that the 80s prophesied. A hopeful, irreverent, but morally laser-focused youthful movement harnessing the power of music in the face of grumbling old white codgers. She single-handedly turned all those dinosaurs into the evil prinicpals from all thise movies and, to top it all off, the final battle is against a crooked property developer who is imprisoning children and threatening to destroy everything we value in the name of greed. Perhaps the darkness we are currently experiencing is just act 2. We need to tie on our headbands, do a fucking montage and win the goddamn future/save the community center.

Oh and Bernie Sanders is Mr. Miyagi I guess? I’m the most drunk I’ve been in a bit.

#NeedsMoreLikes (formerly known as "All the Likes")

Its as if we are going Back to the Future.


Of his current body.


Nah, it’s just to distract the turd blossoms while the work of the people gets done. Sheesh.

@Bobo: Uh…kinda goes without saying that The Zodiac Killer is unfuckable. “Eww” would suffice. :wink:


AOC, Werk!


The actual zodiac killer? If we knew who it was someone would want to. Always surprises me the fans that serial killers have.

Or do you mean:

Because I’ve said it once, just for the sake of it being said. My sensitive constitution may not suffer saying it again… (and I don’t want to say it three times, because I’m pretty sure that summons him)




Ugggghhhh, between this and Kathy Padilla’s Trump dance post, I’m slightly nauseated, like I used to feel watching my parents dance.

But - YES - bullseye emphasis on the old & awkward attacking the young & joyous in vain hopes of easing that uncomfortable feeling of jealousy & mortality…
Cinderella’s older ugly step-sisters were mean to Cinderella for the same reasons.





I’m just becoming aware of this “controversy” (snort), and that is literally the only way this makes sense.
Republican, sneering: “Your girl is too fly to be in Congress, New York. Congressdudes are supposed to be like this [walks like a geriatric man with a large stick up his butt, which devolves into a stagger with a creaky sieg-heil, like a Nazi zombie, and ending with incoherent groaning noises that sound like muffled racist slurs]. You know - like our boys.”

John Rogers definitely knows where they live.


“Get help, this man is having a seizure!” (Although maybe Trump looks more like he’s super-intoxicated and trying to have a fight with himself.)

Never again do Trump-supporting Republicans get to criticize a candidate for not having: a serious political background, a sufficient serious demeanor, enough knowledge, a suitable temperament, sufficient intelligence, “enough” religiosity, a spotless criminal/ethical background… Really, everything. They have no basis for criticizing other politicians for any reason whatsoever.

Holy shit, we’re all in the sequel to Footloose, set in Washington, and it probably has a subtitle like “Capitol Hill Rock ‘n’ Roll!”


But note, “unlikable” is applied to Elizabeth Warren. No one describes Ocasio-Cortez as “unlikable”, because, precisely as you suggest, that would make them seem outrageous.


It would be icky enough if Paul Ryan publicized a photo of himself actually working out in the gym, but that pic is part of a staged photo shoot… I can’t even… just… why?


Bernie Sanders was the upstart politician in the eighties. When we walked to New York City in 1982, he welcomed us from the steps of Burlington Vt city hall. He was the socialist mayor, maybe the only one at the time though someone from Santa Cruz said their mayor was one at the same time. He’d only been elected the previous November.

He’s the only mayor who met us outside, most didn’t bother, though in Cambridge MA we were invited into city hall.

After the welcome in Burlington, we had a free trip to a commercial hot tub place.

So city council was Bernie’s first step, and he went into other things.

So is it that she plays this decade’s Bernie Sanders?

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