We are one RFID away from a dishwasher that rejects third-party dishes on pain of a 5-year prison sentence

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the personal note was only to show i’m the exact opposite of your assumed dish longevity cycle. unless broken or stolen, dishes can potentially be reused longer then the consumers lifetime.

i do go on to explain the difference between the meaning of replaceable and consumable. dishes are reused until they break and are replaced. dish soap is consumed as a function of washing dishes. words and meanings and stuff. :slight_smile:

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Not that I should be dragging this out further, but restaurants have commercial dishwashing equipment quite different than home systems, which actually adds to the complexity and impracticality of DRMed dishes, FWIW.


If we don’t do something about the DMCA and similar laws and try and reform and improve consumer rights there will be all sorts of intended and unintended consequences, DRMed dishes just isn’t likely to be one one them.


We’re safe! They’ll never add RFID tags to dishes, because then they wouldn’t be microwavable.


I think we’ll probably have to take a quiz about Cory’s novels first.


That’s not uncommon to this day. With some manufacturers you need to plug in a special electronic tool to turn off the Check Engine light even after the underlying problem has been fixed.

I get it, but first, I’d have to imagine a Keurig coffee maker. I feel positively prehistoric sometimes, what with the grinding of the beans and the hand washing of the dishes. Is it possible to simply reject those items that are not open source and DRM free

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For fisting?

You’d just buy one official mug and put your own stuff in. The dishwasher won’t know the difference.

I didn’t buy a printer to use with all my ink jet cartridges. The cartridges are part of the printer from where I stand.

Its entirely possible that Amazon would sell me a refrigerator hard coded to buy food from Amazon. They could make it difficult for me to put my own food in there (perhaps by making customized storage to match their packaging).

But I’d be doing it for the cheap fridge.

How are you going to stop it?

Not to mention the branded fridge refusing to operate if your produce is from a different chain. Oh, and then your connected oven not allowing you to cook items past their so called use buy date.

I´m surprised dishwashers and washing machines haven´t already implemented a system to insist on manufacturer only detergents.

Of course in this example we could just use the sink.

That won´t help when your TV will only play approved content from the supplier and your car will only be allowed on the manufacturer sponsored roads and only allow you to fill your tank at affiliated stations.

Homeland: That’s the one where a gamer is employed to grind Disneyworld for Whuffie, by three Toronto siblings with paranormal abilities, in order to pay for the equipment needed to remix clips of movies and post them online, right?

Or is that With a Little Help?


30 days after you install it, it can’t reach the server for it’s code update check and you receive a warning explaining why your dishwasher won’t work until it can check for updates. This, of course, is purely for your own protection, and is completely in your best interests. Why would you think otherwise?


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