Wendys employee training video


I never worked anywhere that had videos like this. But this one makes me really think I missed out on accidental awesomeness.

The closest I came was jury duty:

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Close your eyes and imagine a very talented session singer, sitting in a booth, putting his all into those lyrics. I would pay top dollar for video of that session…

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I, for one, think randomly songified texts are sadly underused as an art form.

I prefer to think of the composer giving direction:

“A little more sexiness when you talk about pulling the chili up from the bottom, but I think you’re really nailing it on the line about Frostys coming in four sizes. Keep it up.”

@frauenfelder permalink 404s and “show full post” button errors

Looks like the whole post got disappeared.

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In the meantime, here is some YouTube awesomeness from the search terms “wendy’s training video”

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