West Virginia Senator laughed at the idea that hating on teachers would bite him in the ass - then he lost his job

No, I don’t. But if you want to think so, I can’t stop you. It’s OK.

I’m either too old or too goal focused to care about partisan purity tests.


this happened to our District Attorney in McLennan County, Tx, Abel Reyna. He was so terribly smug and was/is such a part of the ‘good-ol-boy’ system in Waco that the Democrats and Others had enough.

for the first time in my 30 years of voting my voter card is stamped “Republican” in the primary slot.

As in WV, a Republican is going to win the election… the people just decided which Republican it was going to be… (as of now it’s an uncontested race in november)


My father is an early Boomer and an Eisenhower Republican (for lack of a better term) and he would identify with this sentiment. He says it’s become impossible for him to vote for any Republican running for anything higher than local office because the party has lurched so far to the right.

Given that the Dems are also pretty friendly to the military-industrial complex, he feels just a tad frustrated at the ballot box these days.


David Brin actually advocates something like this: if you are in a state that already is voting Republican as a foregone conclusion, try to get in a Republican that actually will try to do something for all his constituents, not just the .1%, and doesn’t look at Monty Burns as a role model.

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With due respect… if you say this about the Teacher’s Union StrIke in WV:

“especially teachers who participated in the West Virginia teachers’ strike, the longest, most widespread strike in state history.”

You really need to study up on Labor History in the United States…


It so bothers me that I applaud such behavior, since it should be a universal requirement for the job.

Because in this community, in the general election, the winner will be the one who has the R next to their name. Who they are, and what they stand for, rarely matters unless the problems are very extreme.

It’s amazing how often a person’s official party affiliation, and the party they actually vote for, has almost no overlap with the positions on most individual issues they prefer.

At least in the UK with a parliamentary system, you can sustain more than 2 parties, so maybe it feels just a tad less tribal.

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The people he represents are the party, not the leadership. You may have your own opinion on that though.


The way that works is you find us a longer strike in state history, not you take a poo on the internet.

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Hamilton opposes “right to work” laws, backed the teachers’ strike, is open to legal medical marijuana, and actually talks to his constituents, even if they voted for a different party in the last election.

Sounds like a Massachusetts Republican.

It’s a little sad what happened to the national party, with the fascists and all.


I guess he John Birch Society has won in the end.

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Did you get the part about the gerrymandering of the districts so that only a Republican will ever win there?

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Right-to-work laws allow employees at unionized workplaces to opt out of paying union fees, even though they work under a union-negotiated and administered contract. Under federal law, unions must represent every employee in a unionized workplace, even those that, in right-to-work states, opt out of paying union fees. Workers in any state, regardless of right-to-work status, do not have to become a union member or pay for a union’s political activities. - Charleston Gazette Mail

How wonderfully orwellian .


And guess where it comes from.



Aside from what everyone else has replied with, consider this - if you want to subvert your enemy’s agenda, what better way than infiltration?

You mentioned the Blairite scum yourself; they were pretty damn successful at grinding the left into the dust for a generation.


A politician messing with a large number of educated professionals, many of whom specialise in the study of civics. What could go wrong?

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This sighn makes me wonder, what the fuck happend to the Republican Party? Can anybody educate this clueless Kraut?

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Not just, but they certainly influenced the rightward lurch, along with the Moral Majority.

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It’s a long story. tldr version: start with the Southern Strategy in the 1960s (making the GOP the preferred party of racists); throw in the growing influence of “free” market extremists and Xtianists in the party during the 1980s; use cable news panels and Internet forums to let those ingredients brew into a toxic soup for 35 years; then serve up just at the moment that late-stage capitalism kicks in for real and the postwar economic anomaly* ends.

[* which was in full force when that sign was printed]

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See link regarding the battle of Blair Mountain and the Coalfield Wars from @Wanderfound above, which are literally fundamental to the foundations of Labor Unions in the United States.

OK, that’s one more down…lots more to go. Stay vigilant, folks. Things are about to get interesting!