Whale vaginas are amazing

Pun intended?

I think I read right here in BB that many lady mammals have internal clitori.

There is also a Stephen Jay Gould essay on the subject; it also covered the phenomena of male nipples.

Shorter Cory Doctorow: “Look at this whale vagina! Just look at it!”


in most mammals its internal, but yeah, clitorises are pretty common. Ostriches have them too, oddly enough. Female hyenas have one big enoguh they unrinate and give birth through it.

At least in humans (other mammals too probably, but I’m not sure) they’re actually the structure the penis forms from, in babies that have the right genetics for being sperm-producers. Everyone starts with a vagina and clitoris, the y chromosome usually* makes the vagina seal up, causes testicles form, and makes the clitoris enlarge and not become seperate from the urethra.

*there are exceptions that happen often enough we think they’re just a normal, if uncommon, variation of human anatomy. See: complete androgen insensitivity syndrome, intersex

Or perhaps the baby trails the mother because that’s where the nipple is located. Just sayin’ is all.


Clitoropedes, I think.


Seeing by the looks of that Victorian Era document, it seems then that men knew more about whale vaginas than human vaginas


Clitoropodes. That word you used conjures frightening images in my mind.


And the body of William S. Burroughs has just shuddered. :scream:

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Interesting they seem to think the convolutions relate to sperm competition. Maybe so, but the structures also seem like a good way to keep sperm from being washed away by water.

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This is the song that sprang into my mind:

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Bonus points for the “little boat” reference.

Can’t help but think of this:

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You’re Whale Cum

Monkey clitorises can be quite large

A cunning stunt.


Points for creative Spoonerism.

They there’s hyena clitorises. Which someone somewhere has likely written horrifying erotic furry fic about.

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