What has Trump lied about today, chart edition, Sept 23

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Still not a chart.


Thank you…
Came in to say the same thing. Maybe “Trump’s Lies in written in boxes connected by meaningless lines”. I dunno, writing blog headlines isn’t my forte.


To be fair, the blog is called “Chart-Like Charts,” so the creator is admitting that they’re not actually charts, but just data visualizations that look chart-like.

I do think, though, that after the third day, this is getting dull. Anyone who wants to keep looking at these “charts” knows where to find them.


Oh FFS! What’s with the fetish for posting poorly labeled , unusable charts?


It’s not a chart/it’s chart-like/it’s a chart…these are not my concerns. I don’t like that the wording tends to be such that I need to apply my own prior knowledge to each of the statements in order to discern what the lie is. I have to know what that asshat is likely to say on any subject in order to understand.

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You’re still not a chart!

But yes, it’s not a chart.

This looks like a bunch of connected Band-Aids.

It’s a meta-comment on Trump’s candidacy. It’s not actually a serious run for office–it’s a reality show made to look like one.

That’s no ‘chart’! The ghost of Edward Tufte will haunt your dreams and… huh? what? wait, he’s still alive? OK then. He’s on the bus coming over to boingboing’s house to kick up some sh!t and sharpen your pencils. Might break out a ruling pen if things get nasty. A pint of Plaka. #16 exacto blade…

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Why not simply:


No.            Truth            Trump’s Lie



THAT would be a chart. It would make more sense visually and conceptually.

Even putting these blurbs into thought bubbles around an unflattering photo of Trump would be more “infographic”-like – at least the picture form would add something to the words. As is, the yellow shapes with lines between them add nothing to the content. I think they detract from it.

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