What is your Band Name, Rapper Name, Album Name


I had to google koto.

I do have a theramin that I absolutely cannot play, but it’s fun for entertaining drunks and/or children.


Okay, you can take kalimba. I’m still figuring out who’s gonna play the tablas.


Continuing the discussion from Penthouse magazine no longer to be printed:


Continuing the discussion from Reminder: don't put balls of tea-leaves in your vagina:


debut album is hot yo


Of course, the sophomore album was panned as being more of the same…

:game_die: Would You LIKE to Play a Game? :video_game:

When I get a job in Frisco, I will be in a cover band named Comfortably Slum and we will do Al Yankovic lyrics over Pink Floyd tunes.


Jackwagon, a butt-cover band


Are those pictures covering the butt… strategic?


Dildo Journalism

Dildo throwing rebels hold Paiute artifacts hostage, refer to native peoples as "savages"

Male Tears

Strategic butt-coverings in video-games

Best of Male Tears

Strategic Butt Covers


Bacchanalian Disaster


Access to Grind





Lost Branch of a Muddy Tree



#Ascetic Minimalism


My good friend’s band is called House Of Curtain. They are an all female punk/hard rock band and they sing personal stories about the decrepitude of a working class city in England, namely Sunderland. The name comes a shop called House of Curtains but the final ‘S’ fell off. They’re really good. Amongst their song titles are, ‘Shell suit girl’ & ‘Burton Soup’.


My old favorite idea for a band name from my high school days (that my SO says was an actual band name at her high school) is:

Youth In Asia

For an album title:

Fire in a Crowded Theater