What is your Band Name, Rapper Name, Album Name


From that same thread, by @Phrenological:

aggro colonialist dickishness


Debut album: Speaking from my Penis


Deranged Cow on Stilts… (ETA from @beep54orama)


Album name from @Bobo :


Went to see Bill Bailey (UK comedian and amazing instrumentalist) the other evening. During a piece where he played an amazing sludge/metal version of “Bridge Over Troubled Water”, he mentioned that he was a keen birdwatcher.

The band name that arose from this stream of consciousness?

“Satan’s Chaffinch”

Then while quizzing audience members who were in bands, turns out one of them was in a sludge band called “Victorian Whore Dogs”. Nice.


Lyndon’s Johnson

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I love it! Band names from real life:

Toilet Legos
Goldfish Funerals
Shithead Academics

and my personal favorite – Librarians in Love (awww …)


made me think of…

Dead People. A new album by Sloppy Records and the Tax Breaks


I like it but not as much as The Goldfish Pallbearers, who don’t exist but should.


Oooo, I like it. Or the punk version: Goldfish Killers.


From @shmello in the hotel chef vegan thread - album or song title:

express their assness


For several decades now, only my almost complete lack of musical talent is the only thing keeping me from forming a bluegrass punk band: A Critical Mass of Cows and eventually releasing our first album Radioactive Beef on the Hoof



Or the rap version, Goldfish Killah.


Or the country version, Goldfysh Skoalfysh

Damn, I think I could do this all day.


Let me be the first to say … that should not stop you.


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Swedish Bikini Cops

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