What it's like to be spied on by Android stalkerware marketed to suspicious spouses


But when the FBI does it it’s not called “malware”.


From my limited observation and experience, cheating partners are often suspicious their partner is also cheating on them. A mix of guilt and projection, I suppose, with a bit of looking for vindication. Besides, if they know where their partner is, they know how much they can get away with in a given time frame.


It’d be fun to subvert that software and feed it made-up location data, fake pictures, etc.

“That weekend you said you were at your mother’s, you were having an affair in Paris!” Or Area 51, Antarctica, etc.

Sadly, the prank would be wasted on that kind of person.


Don’t actually do this if you value your sanity, but you can visit any of the “red pill” or “pick up artist” or whatever else forum and finds huge swarths of men who are being conditioned to believe that women are evil manipulators, and that the reason none of these men can get a date is that all their targets are scheming, lying narcissists who will “friendzone” them in order to get in bed with some alpha male. (And, therefore, you as a man need to learn all these “alpha male tricks” to seduce said women.)

Can you imagine what happens when these men actually get a girlfriend, or, heaven-forbid, wife? Will all that conditioning just disappear? No, they will continue to redirect all their insecurities into fantasies about how their women are still unfaithful charlatans, and how they will heroically catch them in the act and be justified in sending them packing, having finally showed the witch who’s boss.


Oh I lurk on some “wizard” boards. Think redpill x 1,000,000 - they don’t want women in their lives at all, they want the world to die. They hold up mass murderers as their idols. Red Pillers and MRAs and PUAs are laughable in comparisons.


Would seem to fit the bill perfectly. :slight_smile:


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