Whatcha Watchin'?, Season Two


I watched maybe half the 1st season of Black Sails, and thought it was getting silly, and I LOVE ‘age of sail’ historic crap. I heard it got better, so maybe I should revisit it.


It definitely picks up. Loses a lot of the sexposition from early on and moves toward a lot of powerplay/counterplay between multiple parties.


also has better things to do


watches other people play with yarn


One episode left - I see what you mean! It went from hmm TV in the first few episodes to really pretty damn good very quickly. I guess I’ll have to queue up the remaining seasons now.


Just rewatched all six seasons of Downton Abbey with Mrs Ficus since she was feeling a hankering to watch it again.

Let me tell you, for me to give a single solitary shit about a British period piece about aristocrats and the help it’s gotta be something special and damn if that wasn’t a great show.


Glad you’re enjoying it. If S3 got better than the 1st few let me know. Another series that followed the same porn/fluff to a WOW of conspiracies and mindfucks was Dollhouse. Get 6 episodes in and you won’t stop.


Yes, episode 6 of Dollhouse was the turning point :grin: up to then, I’d been giving it a chance, then another chance, purely because it was a Joss Whedon show. The first five were interesting but just seemed to be going nowhere.

Incredible cast on that show though, if you exclude Eliza Dushku :wink:


There’s been a few shows recently that I’ve felt that way about and just stopped. Legion, and the period dramas Taboo, SS-GB & Close to the Enemy. It’s not that I don’t like slow and plotty, I loved Berlin Station, and even the glacial Rubicon.


I just finished part 2 of season 1 of the Get Down; and I am underwhelmed, unfortunately.

If the series doesnt get a second season, it’ll be too bad because S1 left a lot of threads hanging.


Agreed. Once Whedon was able to wrestle control of the show from the suits it really became great. I remember watching the first couple of episodes all like, “what the hell is this shit”. It was an incoherent and disjointed mess.

I’m so glad he was able to wrap up the show as well rather than end on a cliffhanger.


I really wanted to like it given the setting but I just couldn’t even make it partway through the first episode. It’s very rare that I do this. :confused:

I did read it was getting a second season though.


Sorry, do you mean the pilot episode, or episode 7 where the season picks back up?

I loved the first 6 eps of the series, even despite the obvious but fairly minor flaws.

The second half of the season felt rushed and watered down, with an unsatisfying ‘conclusion’ that was far too ambiguous for its own good.


Everything I’ve read is vague, implying that it’s being talked about but nothing has been decided for sure.


Yeah, the pilot. I got partway through and realized it wasn’t for me.

I may have been reading about the second half that was just released a few days ago. I could have swore I recently saw something about filming for the next season going on. If I can find the link I’ll let you know.




This sounds like something…different.




I enjoyed it, but I do think it lacked something compared to the first half.


I was not loving the animation.


I kind of understand what they were trying to accomplish with that, but it missed the mark. Actually, that whole story line with Dizzy and Thor didn’t really live up to it’s potential.


I believe they just started streaming on the second season.



Nope that’s just part 2 of season 1.