Whatcha Watchin'?, Season Two


No, physical resemblance only, like a female version of him. Blue eyes, strong jawline, but with a large bust.
It’s probably why the Richmond character didn’t bother me so much, because of the heavy makeup. Scrubbed up and with bangs, though, it just feels weird to look at him.


so apparently amazon prime is getting rid of a good bit of HBO content next month.

Which means that I need to binge on six feet under.

And forget about all those other shows (notably the Wire) that I kept putting off. AH well.


Prepare to be depressed; the overwhelming vibe of later Six Feet Under was “you like these characters? Okay, watch them suffer…”.


Best ending of any show ever though. And Keith!!! WHHHHYYYYYY!!! I loved Keith.


shhh. I’m only on S3E13. “I’m sorry, I’m lost”

and things are going badly for everyone. Except maybe George. (for now).


Just discovered Netflix has S7 of Archer. Bliss. If only more shows were so tightly written.

Also found Forged In Fire is back too, good tv times!



Bosch season 3. Same good quality as the first two seasons.

Realized I’d not seen Fargo season 2 yet, so currently binging on that.


No one’s posted about the Netflix hack yet?



After all this time, now that its finally happening, I’m not sure how I feel.

The lack of Eddie or Susannah in the trailer concerns me.


Tried watching S3E01 and just found it boring and uncharming to 2/3 through. I’ll probably try again, maybe it’ll get better after some shit hits the fan.

My octogenarian mom raved to me about Oliver Stone’s history series on Netflix, saying there was so much she never knew. I watched E1 about WW2, and there was nothing new to me. He was pretty soft on the Soviets and Stalin, IMO. Maybe later periods will be more interesting, I am a pretty avid student of WW2.


I never read the book, but in food to movie comparisons, what you have here is one big Reese’s peanut butter cup of actor deliciousness.


I find that the “Mike” storyline is at least as interesting as the “Jimmie” story. I keep expecting Chuck to start singing "Sex Farm"
But the show is turning out well, and has my attention.



You gotta read the novels.

But yes:

I’m not mad at the casting of Elba & Mcconaughey; I think they will play well off each other.

I’m more concerned about the word that this offering is a “sequel” to the existing novels.



I have a strange relationship with “The Cut.” I’m drawn in by serious political articles on nymag.com, and end up reading about fashion.


Better Call Saul’s most recent ep Chicanery was just brilliant; Michael Mckean might even be up for an emmy due to his performance.


Yes! The camera closing in while chuck was losing it was a great touch. I still can’t decide whether to celebrate it or not, they’ve both done some pretty despicable things. Some days i sympathise with chuck and other days i want to see him crash and burn, he is one manipulative bastard. The hearing was as tense as any of the mike/gus/hector scenes.


I cheered because Chuck’s egotistical arrogance was insufferable, and his comeuppance has been a long time coming; but at the same time, I pity him - now he’s truly all alone, and doesn’t even have his pride to cling to anymore.

At the same time, I can see how the outcome was a hollow victory for Jimmy; the cost of his win was his last familial connection…


Yeah, it’s the pure arrogance that he thinks he himself deserves to be practising law but jimmy doesn’t. Though we’ve seen him help jimmy to get away from his criminal past and get him a job at HHM only so long as he stays where he his and doesn’t get ideas above his station. It burns chuck to see him (what he perceives) jumping the queue to becoming a lawyer. So like i say i have mixed feelings, plus jimmy did steal money from their own father’s store as shown in the flashback to season 2 episode 7. The looks on both jimmy’s and kim’s faces after chuck loses it certainly looks like a pyrrhic victory.

I’m sure all this should be hidden behind spoiler tags.


I’ve been working my way through the new MST3k. It’s still a very funny show.

I’m also watching Doctor Who and I’m thinking that Peter Capaldi’s run should have been like this all along.