Whatcha Watchin'?, Season Two

I finally got around to watching the new Boba Fett show and was thinking about the Max Rebo cameo, which raises the question “how did that guy survive the explosion of Jabba’s sail barge to show up at another venue years later?”

Then it hit me. He really did die in the explosion, but like Elvis Presley his musical legacy lives on in the form of Max Rebo impersonators.


Someone who has played in every dive bar this side of the galatic rim knows when the venue is going to shit and when to leave. I like to think Max recognized the jedi shenanigans and high tailed it out before the barge blew up.

But I like your idea way better.


Just wrapped up the second season of Centaurworld if you’re looking for a (kind of?) lighthearted comedy that actually has some dark shit in it…

Fear Becky Apples…


It’s a kid’s show, but pretty entertaining and kind of deeply weird.


Same way Paul McCartney did.


:pray:t4: Please don’t mess it up, please don’t mess it up… :pleading_face:


Oh great! I mean, oh no! :grimacing:

I’m with you, it really could be a mess…


parks and recreation please GIF

Also, I feel the same about Sandman…


I just found out that Season 5 dropped last week! I know what I’m doing for the rest of today.

ETA: Damn, that shit got weird, and that is saying a lot for this series.


“The CW” has a bunch of superhero shows that share a kind of adolescent vibe—characters are nominally adults, but there is a kind of childish enthusiasm and lack of depth to everything

Two exceptions manage to short-circuit the company format by having mixed casts, where some characters are literally teenagers and act like teenagers and other characters are clearly middle-aged and are allowed some gravitas

As of today there is also Naomi, which has so far only aired one episode so we don’t know where it falls on the spectrum yet


I watched all of Stay Close. Pretty good mystery/thriller stuff, despite a lot of implausibilities. Great casting.


Yeah, they’ve decided to go completely bonkers, from the three episodes I’ve seen so far.

I’m amazed that I’ve gone through four seasons of a show without one likeable character.

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Sometimes, a show works just on the strength of the absurdity of the situations even without likable characters. I never really liked anyone on Seinfeld, but the day-to-day foibles kept me coming back.

Just seen two episodes so far but i’ve realised i’m a fan of Nina Sosanya. :sunglasses:

This looks promising:


Finally got around to watching I Care a Lot, which had been pushed down on my Netflix list. Holy crap, this flick got me to review all of my estate and care documents! The performances were great, and captured my attention from beginning to end.


Seconded! On both counts – very entertaining, but also a good public service message. Eep!!


Sounds like I need to watch it too!

But yes, no matter how well you think you’ve planned things, and no matter how much you think your loved ones are fully on-board with your wishes, etc., get a second opinion from a lawyer to make sure everything is locked in correctly.


I’m putting my lawyer’s office on speed dial. When you watch it, you’ll understand why that is important, too.


Only seen through episode two so far. Yeah…weird, but digging it.

I do miss my beloved Cole Escola though. I need to check in and see what he is up to instead this year

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Trust me, episode two has not gotten weird yet.

It’s gonna get weird.

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