Whatcha Watchin'?, Season Two

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“Ben Kenobi… He’s here?!”

Yah sure… No emotional connection at all.

Awesome! Came back here just to see if anyone had insight. I’m excited to watch the new season and wondered how they dealt with that character!

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It is the traditional way to resolve disputes.




You hear an emotional connection? I hear surprise, possibly at the idea that these dummies have brought the stolen Deathstar plans onto the , you know, Deathstar.

Her message was not to come save her, after all, it was to get the plans to Alderan. Him being on the Deathstar is a bad thing to a rebel leader who is obviously concerned about the success of the rebellion. Which makes sense because that is how it was originally written and performed…

She was literally the closest thing left to Alderaan since everything else on it got blown to dust, and they got caught in the tractor beam before they knew what was going on anyway. Even if they had gotten away without stopping at the Death Star first where were they supposed to go? They weren’t active members of the rebellion yet and didn’t necessarily know where the secret base was. It all worked out fine. Except for Chewbacca getting stiffed on getting a hero medal, anyway.

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Well yeah, hence her surprise! She did not expect Kenobi to be on the Deathstar and I imagine that whatever the reason it was very concerning that the plans were basically back in the hands of the Empire.

As you say it all worked out, but in that moment she had to be very surprised and concerned

Except for the part where they led the Empire straight to the rebel base on Yavin. Leia had no one but herself to blame for that though. She knew it was the Empire’s M.O. because they’d done just that the first time Obi-Wan rescued her and she told Han where to go anyway even as she warned they were being tracked. She even let it happen a third time in The Force Awakens.

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And yeah, it does seem like really bad. I would have forgiven that if she had not found and removed the tracker from her droid herself. Leia should have been ripping R2D2 and C-3PO to pieces when they left the Deathstar

I guess that by that point she had also learned that the Empire tends to fuck up their plan anyway so why even worry about it.


Not your jam?

I wish I lived in that world, where ‘dance off’ is the rule of law.


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Michael Jackson’s Beat It is more my style.

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What We Do In The Shadows season 4 trailer!


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Critics praise “big, colorful, weird Thor: Love And Thunder


I’m rewatching Westworld S3 to prepare for S4, and to be honest I’m enjoying it a lot. I’m not saying it’s perfect, and it does take itself a lot more seriously than it probably should… But it’s also not the trainwreck people keep saying it is, it’s even a lot less messy than I remember it being. (I guess the show does lend itself to rewatch…) Funnily enough I think it’s better at being a Ghost In The Shell SAC sequel than the one they ended up making (which was a ridiculous, ugly mess, what the hell was Netflix thinking?)

And I just can’t wait for What We Do in the Shadows season 4!


Okay, I watched it.

It’s not really that much. Just 20-minute segments that seem to be aimed toward young folks. Kind of like a talking Mr. Bean rather than something biting like Blackadder.