Whatcha Watchin'?, Season Two


This version of Danny Rand is, I guess.

Aside from his dreadful acting and the fact that Finn Jones obviously does not know kung fu IRL, the main problem with I.F. was that they tried to play it so seriously, but Jones still came off like a ginormous dumbass; a whiny, entitled one.

I guess Marvel decided to ‘course correct’ by embracing that flaw.

And, yes that bit with the door was incredibly stupid.


Oh man I called that the MINUTE she untied him. “He’s gonna try to dragon punch her and she’s going to grab his fist and slam it into the door.”

15 minutes of people arguing and another bad fight scene later …

My husband: facepalm


I finally got to the end of Defenders. It had its moments - at the point where the group of 4 first meets up in a fight scene near the end of episode 3, I was having fun.

I’m sad that Stick died. I liked him, and he was the only character that made the Hand seem in any way threatening, because he’s the only one who takes them seriously. Everyone else is like, we have a plan to stop the Hand before they destroy the city of New York (population 8 million) but we won’t follow through if even one innocent person will die. Get some perspective guys.

I hope Misty Knight gets her own show.

I had super mixed feelings about the part where Luke decides to befriend Danny while Danny is tied up. I mean, it was kind of sweet of Luke, but I’m a little sensitive about super-rich white dudes who are well over twenty who are still afforded the allowances normally reserved for young children. Maybe Danny Rand has been intentionally written to have the mental and emotional development of a 12 year old. Actually, if K’un-Lun had weird time-distorting properties such that Danny came back and he was actually 12 years old, you could keep all his existing dialog and he’d be 1000 times more relatable and forgivable. A 12 year old who is clueless and desperate to prove himself and obsessed about the loss of his parents would be pretty understandable.

By the end some stuff felt predictable. As previously mentioned there was Electra playing Danny because he is the dumbest dumbass and how does he even get dressed in the morning when he is so incompetent? but also the thing where Daredevil was trapped under a collapsing building with nothing but an Olympic swimming pool full of immortality goop. Maybe he’s really dead because how could he possibly have survived???

ETA: light your damn fight scenes people. It’s hard enough to follow a fight scene in daylight. a 20 person battle royal lit by bio-luminescent fungi is going to be pretty damn hard to follow on an average screen. Maybe that shit works better in a movie theater, where you have higher resolution and a better dynamic range


Heh heh.

Damn, she’s good!

Danny reminds me of the often misquoted lennon saying ringo starr is not even the best drummer in the beatles: he’s not even the best fighter in the defenders. But whereas that is totally unfair to ringo it totally applies to danny.


Just about the only useful thing he did the entire season was to pick up the bill at the Chinese restaurant.


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I saw Blade Runner 2049 last night.

It was just ‘okay.’


Can you elaborate without divulging spoilers?

Many caucasian people I know who weren’t alive when the first one was released thought it was spectacular, but I suspect they believe so for those same two reasons.


I can try, I guess.

To begin with, I’m not one of the folks that thinks the original Blade Runner is “the best scifi movie, ever.” (Sorry; that title is reserved for the original Alien, IMPO.)

I thought the original was cool, dark and creepy, but not the best ever done.

Then there’s the fact that I’m not really feeling future dystopian nightmare films, in general; chalk that up to the dismal present day reality, but I really miss the hopeful optimism that used to accompany some movies about the future.

Perhaps it’s the apparent lack of any real societal progress in the face of immense technological advancement; by 2019 and 2049 respectively, our species has advanced enough to establish colonies off-world - but it still has not evolved enough to come to the realization that slavery is always wrong no matter how big the ‘economic upside’ may be, nor has it moved beyond the sexual exploitation of women, which seems gratuitous and totally irrelevant to the plot progression.

Lastly, there’s the fact that I didn’t feel any kind of connection to any of the characters whatsoever; not K, the replicant protagonist, not his boss, not even Derkard himself, once he finally appears on-screen 2+ hours into the film.

I just didn’t care about any of them; and that’s a huge sign of bad storytelling when the audience can’t relate to the main characters.

Long story short: the best thing I can say about BR 2049 is that the cinematography was beautiful.


To continue the discussion from the depression thread, I’ve not been a huge animation fan, exceptions being Archer, which is sooo tightly written, and Last Airbender which I watched with my kids. Archer made me try Bob’s Burgers, but it didn’t grab me.

I’m about 6 episodes into Dark Matter S01 after hearing good things. I’m waiting for it to take off, so far it’s too episodic with no strong arcs. I also hate the female android, such a silly stereotype. A cleverly androgynous android would be far more interesting, better yet a non humanoid. We all loved R2D2 even though he didn’t even have expressive eyes like Number 5! More to the point, with the exception of the “travel by clone” device the rest of the tech in the show is not of the same level it would take to make that android. At least on STNG they made clear the tech to build Data was not ubiquitous.


Don’t get too attached to any of the characters.

DM was a kernel of a good idea, IMO, but the overall execution wasn’t as well planned as it could have been; I was not surprised when it got cancelled after the 3rd season.


Hah The Android is my favorite character in that. She’s hilarious. I’m halfway through season 3 and I’m getting annoyed with the plot holes, though.

Also I just got a sub to Acorn TV and started watching Loch Ness. MMMMMM murders in a weird small town with great scenery. Basically the whole reason I got the channel was for more of those.


Anyone started Star Trek: Discovery yet? Sonequa Martin-Green from The Walking Dead is great as the lead.


I posted this elsewhere before this thread was revived:
I’m really liking ST Discovery, even though the characters are pretty stereotyped they’re also somewhat neurotic like the rest of us. It’s more like DS9 than any others. I also liked that they killed off a character we all thought was part of the team. Gotta keep you on your toes!

It’s pretty dark, but not depressing (other thread). Is there any explanation for the constantly changing Klingon appearance beyond Worf once saying “we don’t talk about it”?

Edit: Found the story. An amazing example of the power of applied Handwavium. http://memory-alpha.wikia.com/wiki/Klingon_augment_virus


Our friends introduced us to Time Team on Acorn TV (I don’t know if it runs on the air, but it’s available in the catalog online and in the TV app). It’s a neat show where each episode a team of professional archaeologists are given 3 days to excavate and examine historical sites in Britain. When they first explained the premise to me, I was skeptical that they could do something like that while still being serious and respectful to the sites they excavated (something that a US version would almost certainly have problems with), but happily I was proven wrong. There are a lot of occasions where they opt to get what they can and then close down a dig for future excavation, rather than damaging finds just for the sake of seeing what else is there in their allotted time.

Unfortunately they don’t seem to have all of the episodes on Acorn, and the ones they do have aren’t really in any particular order, but since it’s not really a serial program, it’s not actually that big of an issue.


You could put Sonequa in a Slap-Chop infomercial and she’d kill it.


Mr. Robot S3 fired up, looks like we may be taking a scifi turn, S1 and S2 on prime free.

Finally watched both Westworld and True Detective S1…damn, now that was some television.

Still haven’t gone back and wrapped up Saul or even started Twin Peaks - got some catching up to do.

Defenders - I don’t know why, but Danny doesn’t really bother me, to bad his storyline is the key for all the bad guys lol. What really bothers me about the defenders? The freaking character color scheme. It is so blatant and overdone and not int he flow of the show. I feel like my eyes are being hammered and it takes me out of the moment, every single time.


I’ve been watching The Strain, and I’m halfway through season two. I’ve read the books, so things aren’t a complete surprise.
I read that Justin Cronin’s trilogy, The Passage (also the title of the first novel), will probably hit the television screen in 2018. I liked this series better than the Strain, though they share a lot in subject matter. Really looking forward to seeing if it’s as good as the world depicted in the novels.