Whatcha Watchin'?, Season Two


Tangentially related: I finally got around to watching “Star Trek Beyond” the other night. I thought it was pushing the boundaries of silliness for the final battle scene to steal the twist ending from Mars Attacks!, which in turn stole it from Attack of the Killer Tomatoes.


Oh, man. AotKT is one movie from my childhood I was never afforded the opportunity to see. I have to go look it up now.



It’s one of those “so bad it’s good” movies, a real classic. Or maybe that’s just me, I saw it when I was younger and had even less taste than I do now. But I still enjoy it.


I know! All my friends at school got to see it, but I can’t remember why I didn’t. I don’t remember it being naughty like The Boob Tube or Kentucky Fried Movie.


Which in turn stole it from a big influence on the first reference Earth vs. The Flying Saucers though it is just sound in that one.


I don’t remember seeing those two, so I can’t compare them. I recall a couple of lines of off-color dialogue in Killer Tomatoes, but nothing outrageously offensive. (I could be wrong, i haven’t watched it in years. And now I may have to watch it again. :tomato:)


My daughter had the same complaint. Although I’m not sure she’s even heard of AOTKT, which I should probably remedy.

I’m watching Mindhunter in bits when I have time. I have to wonder if they used some camera trickery to make the guy who plays Ed Kemper look really tall, because what are the odds of finding an actor who looks JUST like the guy AND is 6 foot 9?? (edit: IMDB says he’s 6’5", so close, anyway.)


Various free Rifftrax on Amazon. Well, included with Prime free. So not free at all. Catching up on Bojack Horseman on Netflix.



Just discovered someone has posted a large number of Super Chicken episodes on youtube. For those too young to know, Super Chicken is the cartoon for which Jay Ward and Bill Scott were practicing when they made Rocky and Bullwinkle.


The latest Gotham…two words. SOLOMON GRUNDY!



I just started watching the Deuce; the pilot was really good, and I’ll probably binge the rest of season 1 over the weekend.


Time team is perennially uploaded to you tube by random accounts. Plus there’s somewhere around 60 specials. (which mostly have Tony Ronsinson yakking it up with different people.)

a number of sites were revisited over the years-- the roman villa for instance.

there have been a number of cast changes, too. Mick stays (at least until 2013), as does Phil, but I think Channel 4 got rid of the illustrator early on. GeoPhys got better every season.

The wessex archeology reports are pretty interesting…


Final got caught up with the last season of Walking Dead. In a show known for being depressing, this one was off the charts depressing… I hate that Sasha is now gone, but DAMN I loved the way she went, trying to eat Negan’s stupid face. And the damn trash heap people, what the hell is up wit them, and their stupid affectation regarding how they talk. I mean, it’s only been like 3 or 4 years into the end of civilization… People aren’t going to forget how to use complete sentences in that short amount of time. Although it reminds me of the next threat after Negan in the comic.

Anyway, I think that we’re getting to season 2 of Ash Vs. Evil Dead next.


finished the wire. And we’re back where we’ve started. This time withValchek in charge. Lovely.


That finale montage was great, very “meet the new boss, same as the old boss.” All the voids left by previous characters had been filled in with new ones essentially filling the same roles.


I’d just like to state for the record that Stranger Things season 2 has been out for about 9 hours now, and I’ve been a remarkably responsible adult by not binging it overnight before coming in to work on like an hour of sleep (if that).

Instead I stayed up way too late watching archived livestreams of LoadingReadyRun playing Cards Against Humanity and Secret Hitler.

Yep. I was totally a responsible adult last night and didn’t watch a single minute of Stranger Things.

To bring this obvious recommendation post for an already-wildly-popular series around in a different direction, check out Movies With Mikey’s discussion of Stranger Things’s first season (spoilers, obvs), and then go watch every other episode of Movies With Mikey, because Mikey Neumann is a treasure, and his show absolutely deserves more eyeballs (in particular, I also highly recommend watching his most recent episode on Hot Fuzz and how it’s even more of a topical and insightful film now than it was 10 years ago).


My quote about it elsewhere on the internetz…

Meanwhile, I am pretty excited that Patriot has been renewed for a second season. I really like the Cohen Brothers vibe within a spy series.



I acted like I had a real life last night;

I only watched two eps, and then I went out… to a social gathering… in a public place… with other people and actually interacted face to face, having a good time in the process… imagine that!


Then I binged the rest today over the course of the day, while simultaneously getting my kid hip to Season 1.

Anyhoo, so much to love about S2, including El’s gradual evolution to her new look…



I think 2 didn’t quite hit the same emotional beats for me as the first season did, but I very much enjoyed the opportunities the characters had to grow. Will doesn’t get to DO much in the first season, being half-comatose in the Upside Down the whole time.

And in 15-20 years, Millie Bobby Brown is going to be the action hero of a generation. Calling it now.