Whatcha Watchin'?, Season Two


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I don’t know if it’s as good as season 4 but the highs this season are just so damn high. From the funeral episode with it’s amazing monologue to the episode lampooning #TimesUp (not #MeToo).

As always the sight gags are just ridiculously clever and reward multiple views.

I wish I could say Season 4 is less of a gut punch (nope, it’s taken even further than 3) but it has some of the best episodes not just of the series, but some of the best TV I’ve ever watched (especially Stupid Piece of Shit, and Times Arrow which just stuns me every time).


New Doctor Who :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heart_eyes::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heart_eyes:


Stupid updates rebooted my machine while downloading last night and I had to start it over this morning.

I just got done watching it. I like this new doctor.


I agree. I missed the Capaldi era, but just based on this first episode, I’m all in for Whittaker’s Doctor.


I think she played it a lot like Tennant, although that manic energy is really kind of a post-regeneration staple. And there was literally a whole minute devoted to the fact that she’s now a woman; 5 seconds in the beginning and then the outfit scene. If it had been Moffat there would have been running jokes about it through the whole thing.

Also been watching “Manifest” on Hulu and the first episode was all awkward dialogue and why is there a voiceover but the second seemed better. Even after “Lost” I’m still in for supernatural-disappearing-airplane mysteries.


I think they spent the right amount of time on it. Running gags would have ruined it.


Sorry, yeah, that’s what I meant. I’m not a fan of how Moffat writes for women AT ALL. I could easily picture Tennant or Smith in Whittaker’s place during that whole episode. She wasn’t written as a woman, she was written as The Doctor.

Edit: I’m mad at Amazon though. They implied that you could watch the episode at the premiere and it didn’t come available for me until this morning. I’ve bought other currently-running seasons and Amazon has been very specific about when you get each episode so I can only assume they were being deliberately misleading.


I second that emotion; I was very relieved that they spent so little time on the Doctor’s new gender, as it’s not really all that relevant.


I’m still on the fence for this one., although the end of the second episode had me go, “Whoa!” So it still got me watching…


This is totally the Second Coming of David Tennant. Though I liked how when she needed a gadget we got to watch her make it, which I hadn’t seen since Jon Pertwee. But then she basically said this is my magic wand, it’ll do whatever I say it does, which kinda defeats the purpose.

I still say if they were going to cast somebody from Broadchurch it should’ve been Charlotte Rampling

charlotte rampling


I reminds me a little of Millennium somehow. Which was an okay movie and a really good book if you can get past the literal deus ex machina.


:heart: that show! watched almost every ep of it when i was a kid, those composite drawings, theme song and Robert Stack himself gave me the shivers … but that’s why i loved that show! if they EVER reboot it, i’m already watching it!


anyone watching the new Dynasty on the CW?


They rebooted Dynasty? Good god, why?

The original was trashy, sleazy, over the top, yet very fun and at times ground breaking.

A reboot just seems unnecessary.


All the “new” Doctor Whos have been a little manic for my taste; maybe it is the hour slot, instead of 5+ half hour slots. Tennant sometimes slowed down for the sake of some gratuitous sentimentality, which was not an improvement. (As much as I’ve liked him as an actor in practically everything except Doctor Who.)

and then the outfit scene.

I for one think it is great to have Mork back on TV.

PS (spoiler)

I hate that they killed the best character in the episode, apparently all for the sake of setting up a “clever” split youtube scene. I kind of hoped she’d be the companion.


yes ficuswhisperer, the first season debuted on Oct. 2017, and it’s just starting its 2nd season later this week (on Friday nite) … this version is very different from the original, and i wouldn’t quite call it a “reboot” but more of a “remake” … you’ll just have to see it for yourself … the plots are more fast and surprise you after every end of the episode


S3 of Mr Robot dropped on prime.

Started commuting again so probably gonna finally get after Bopjack via DL to the phone and watch on the train.

Halfway through “The Leftovers” engaging, but not great for me, not yet anyways.