Whatcha Watchin'?, Season Two


Watched a couple of episodes of this:

It’s…okay. I thought it was going to be more about design in general than being a biographical series.



I thought twelve years a slave was one of the most harrowing things i’ve seen but…jeezus. I’d show this in schools if i had my way.


Wait… the recent one or the original one? I have not seen the recent one yet.


The recent one, i’ve not seen the original. There’s a nice glimpse and you’ll miss it cameo though.


I’m glad it’s well done - I was wondering about it. I hope that the recent one reflects new historical evidence about slavery since the original aired. I had heard that there were some cameos in the new one. I’ll try to get around to seeing in sometimes soon.

I do recommend seeing the original sometime. It’s dated, but well worth the time. And it’s Levar Burton’s first major acting gig. OH and Ian McShane shows up at one point, too. As does nearly everyone else who was sort of famous in 1977. And there was another miniseries based on the life of Alex Haley’s maternal side, Queen, that aired in the late 80s or early 90s.


Well i’ve only seen 2 parts so far (there are 4) but i couldn’t speak for the historical accuracy as i know very little about it. For a tv series i didn’t think it flinched from its responsibility; it quite rightly doesn’t cut away from certain scenes that i thought so effective in twelve years a slave and i didn’t realise roots spanned decades of time. I am well impressed by the actor playing kunte kinti though and it has quite the cast. Is the book it’s based on worth checking out? Apart from the historical inaccuracies.


So good. Gobbled it all up!!!


Forget Jack bower

I’ll be watching firefly.


Aparently not on netflix. So the cage it is.
Now playing you didn’t make it into the rest of star trek.


That’s one nice thing about our digital over-the-top stations. Our market has the Heroes & Icons station as a subchannel. It shows a lot of cop shows, but it also airs Hercules, Xena, and most nights it shows one episode from each of the live-action Star Trek series. :vulcan: I don’t watch them every night, but it’s a nice option to have.

(And since you reminded me, I ought to get out my Firefly DVDs for a rewatch sometime soon… :grin: )


Need to get mine back somewhen.


The People Vs OJ Simpson is Amazing!!! Let me count the ways:

  1. I forgot how deep the crazy of this trial was. It is so fun to see again, or even did I ever know?, all the Hollyweirdness that was this trial
  2. the starfucker LA culture inside baseball stuff about this trial that the show nails so bang on
  3. John Travolta as Robert Shapiro is fucking hilarious and he is a joy to watch
  4. Courtney Vance plays Johnnie Cochran perfectly - a little less broad than the real McCoy - so you can see the Mad genius underneath
  5. Clever little pops of archival footage
  6. All the same intriguing complexities of a black man who had more privileges than most white men “playing the race card” still make my brain quiver with confusion, awe, and anger.



I have been watching the Clone Wars. But now I discover it’s disappearing from Netflix in a couple of weeks, and I’m only about 40% of the way through.


Serves me right for taking so long to get around to watching it, I guess.


Netflix just posted The People v. OJ Simpson. I was too young when the trial happened to understand the implications of the verdict or the context around the case, so it’s actually kinda informative while being entertaining. IMO, they and AMC are the only channels producing shows to the production quality that viewers are expecting (through media like Netflix, HBO, Hulu and Amazon). Now, here’s to hoping FX will sell Fargo Season 2 shortly…


‘The Night Of’ on HBO. The first episode is a stunner. Hitchcock level suspense. It’s fresh, original, and topical as fuck.


I thought that was excellent.

I’m a big fan of Riz Ahmed. Very good in everything I’ve seen him in (4 Lions, Nightcrawler, Rogue One…)

Much better than the latest HBO Limited series, The Young Pope. That just didn’t work for me.


I was in my mid-twenties and it gave me nightmares.


I’m going to begin the second season (series 2) of The Missing.

I really liked the first season in that it focused upon how child abductions can destroy a marriage. James Nesbitt and Frances O’Connor gave heart-wrenching performances. I ended up feeling thoroughly destroyed and I don’t even have kids.


Just watched the first episode of the latest season of Chef’s Table, featuring Jeong Kwan, a South Korean Buddhist monk.

Such a good show! It makes me really damn hungry, though.



Which I could also put on the “what do you find unwatchable” thread.

Trying Big Little Lies now.