Whatcha Watchin'?, Season Two


Where did you find Cadfael? Please tell me I can stream it…

NVM, I found it.


Oh no, we’ve got to go to the OG:


Britbox has pretty much everything, although the subtitling, at least on Amazon, is appallingly bad.


Spoiler: It is good.



I decided to check out “You” last night. I had extremely low expectations given it was originally on Lifetime, but it’s actually really really good - I binged 3 eps and stayed up past my bedtime.

I’m going to wait until the season ends and binge it since I’m so far behind. I’m glad it’s not Season 2: Electric Boogaloo


I really hate the autoplay on netflix as well as the auto-trailer…


Regarding Russian Doll:


Better than the auto-ads on Amazon Prime. Can’t remember if they’ve started up on the Roku app, but I’m the Android app they play the instant you start the app and in between every episode you watch.


Agreed there. So far no ads that aren’t for what’s on netflix… I don’t have amazon prime and haven’t used a Roku in a while…