Whatcha Watchin'?, Season Two


I haven’t seen Episode 5 yet. I just about gave up on it a couple of years ago, but last season was an improvement, and so far this season is even better.


Just so. Had a ‘24’ quality to it, in a good edge of your seat way. Some of the past seasons like 3 got to be real snoozers.


Yeah, I agree about the snoozery. After a gripping first two seasons, they took their foot off the accelerator a bit (until the end of 3).


I really dug it; I just finished season 2, and already I see why people liked Tennant’s Doctor so much. Not that there was anything wrong with Eccleston, mind you.

And I’ve adored Billie Piper for years, but I never knew that she came from Doctor Who

But then again, I was a bit preoccupied when the reboot started back up; having a baby, and whatnot.



She was a bit of a pop singer before Who and started out doing kids TV before that. :slight_smile:


Wow, who knew?

I wasn’t hip until Secret Diary of a Call Girl.


You didn’t miss anything by missing her singing career.


I haven’t bothered to click on the vid; I figured as much.



Seriously, I can do suspension of disbelief, but within a world’s rules. The “woo” I’m fine with- it’s the non-woo related stuff that has giant holes in it that bothers me. The straw that broke the camel’s back was the climactic scene in the finale (which just made it worse because I sat through the whole season for this?) That was, and apologies for how insensitive this sounds, but… that was like the worst school shooting evar. Shooter starts way far away, giving everyone warning, and then stops shooting and takes his time walking towards the cafeteria, giving everyone time to get away. Except, instead of dashing for the exits everyone just lays and waits for the shooter to arrive? Come on.


It’s… not good. Hit factory throwaway stuff. It’s not even bad enough to be fun and doesn’t stick out enough to be sample-able. It’s just 100% beige. I don’t mind a bit of throwaway bubblegum pop, but this isn’t bubblegum. It’s not even bland white bread. It’s the cardboard box that contained the plastic clips that hold the bread bag shut.

So yeah, came as a bit out of nowhere when it turned out to be not actually awful in Who.


Fiiiinally finished season 3 of Black Mirror (yeah, it takes forever for me to get to stuff sometimes, even when I really really like it). Whooooooaaaaaaa, “Hated In the Nation” :astonished: When looking up credits on IMDB I saw that there are already placeholder pages for season 4, dated 2017–hooray!


When I finished season 1 my first thought was millers still alive?


Actually she started as a pop star.


Oh, the radiation exposure? Yeah, holden as well. They do deal with it, with long term consequences for both of them, even if it’s a bit hand-wavey future tech.


No was thinking eros. But that must be kicking in around now in the show.


So I’ve been informed.



Yeah saw the response after I responded.


Oh yeah, i see what you mean: the purge of eros after they’ve all been infected. Eros ain’t like it used to be, it has new management…


Broadchurch (series 3 episode 1)

Very impressive start. Hope it maintains and we can forget about the extremely disappointing second series.


Just watched the first two episodes last night. I kept expecting it to turn into Sharknado, what with all the kinda-sorta-has-been-ish actors hanging around.