Whatcha Watchin'?, Season Two


LOL, yeah there’s a lot of “oh yeah, he exists” people in there.


Ross David Schwimmer is killing me. And when Malcolm Jamal-Warner showed up, we both went “Theo!” and were wondering if Cockroach was going to arrive shortly thereafter.



He’s awesome in Sneaky Pete. I assume that like a lot of people trying to come out of very long sit-com roles he might not have had enough range to break into the big time, but he has a self-confident smirk that works great in that show.


Q: How many ways do I love The Americans?

The plots?

The family dynamics?

The fashions? The wallpaper?

The wigs?

The gritty realism?

A: All of it!

Season 5 starts Tuesday!!


From the photo, at least, you misspelled ‘Sexual tension’, there. :wink:


That’s a joke photo, not from the show, but the chemistry between the two characters is sometimes just about that steamy. IIRC, the actors are a couple in real life.


I assumed it was an ‘odd one out’, I just couldn’t resist going there anyway. :wink:


So I stumbled on a Super Sentai season/series at the library. What Saban remixes/edits to make Power Rangers.
While it is a bit better storywise than Power Rangers the scripts/dialog is pretty cheesy kid show stuff.
But I am a sucker for anything Kaiju so I am enjoying it.


Finished Sneaky Pete. Things get so implausible it’s ridiculous, but it’s a fun entertainment.


I discovered that the entire run of “The Red Green Show” is available on YouTube. I didn’t start watching until sometime around season 10 or 11, so it’s been interesting to go back and watch the early episodes from the '90s.


Oh, man, I love that show. I got my mom hooked on it way back when.


Started in on Bates Motel. It’s fun enough so far. :shower: :knife: :knife: :knife:
Also got around to Van Helsing. Thanks @Melizmatic!
And took a quick look at Tong Memories on Netflix. Annoyed by the lack of BBQ content, won’t be following through n this one.


How would that argument even go on for six hours?

Picard is obviously the right answer (given that dichotomous choice).


Thanks for reminding me about the Bates Motel series; I’d forgotten I’d promised a friend I’d try it.


Like most shows, the early seasons are the best, when the concept is fresh, but they kept up the quality pretty well.

The show was a spinoff of Steve Smith’s sketch series Smith and Smith, snippets of which are available on YouTube. Here’s a very young Steve Smith and his wife.:


Started the Colony tonight and made about 15 minutes before realizing I needed something lighter.

So Santa Clarita Diet it was.

Yes, it’s a stupid zombie show but I’m okay with that. I didn’t need to think and I was amused


How does it compare to iZombie?


I think I like SCD better than IZ after watching three episodes of each.

SCD is just stupid fun so far.


So I’ve been watching Powerless for the last month or so. It’s silly, it doesn’t take itself seriously, and it stars Abed & Wash. It’s like Con Man had a baby with Suburgatory that was then brought up by Lego Batman.