Whatcha Watchin'?, Season Two

Third Rock has been my jam since back when it was still on the air.

Speaking as a WOC, I think they handled the topic as well as they could for a wacky, physical comedy show; I particularly liked that they addressed the problem of representation in media and entertainment - the Solomons chose White bodies in order to pass as Earthlings, because that’s all they ever saw on the satellite signals we send out.

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I’ve watched the trailer of that. Is it good?

Yes, it is, very good.

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Only halfway through the first episode. Holy shit. This is compelling and utterly terrifying. David Tennant is fucking amazing and deeply disturbing. And Daniel Mays who plays the lead detective is fantastic at conveying the horror of having to deal with a confessed serial killer.


Nobody who has seen the first season of Jessica Jones will be surprised by that…

Speaking of David Tennant: you have all seen Staged, right? Easily the best thing to come out of the pandemic restrictions as a creative tool


& @Doctor_Faustus

Someone upthread suggested Criminal, the four miniseries set made in the UK, Spain, France, and Germany. Tennant there in the UK episodes, too.


Thanks - I hadn’t heard of it but a quick google-fu it looks great. And makes me think “how did I miss this?”

Just getting started watching it, but interesting so far…

WOW, finished the first part and it is really good. Anxious for the next.

Just watched Oktoberfest 1900. Nice little miniseries, will be released on Netflix as Oktoberfest: Beer & Blood. Set design and camera filters make it feel like a Franz von Stuck painting come to life*, lots of intense shadows and opulence everywhere. Also interesting the amount of attention paid to costumes, props, and so on.

Editing to add that this hits a sweet spot for me, as Munich has been my home town for the past 10 years. Nice to see some of the city’s history dramatised that doesn’t involve Nazis or King Ludwig II.

*critics have also compared it to a Caravaggio painting due to the opulence.


Whoever wrote that IMDB blurb doesn’t understand that there is no “local Oktoberfest” only “the Oktoberfest”.

Or Franz-Josef Strauss or the Olympics, I guess.

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I saw the trailer for that while watching the Tour. I will definitely get that now, thanks!

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Or as the Münchner call it, die Wies’n. And no, I still have no Lederhosen. I am one of the remaining Lederhosenverweigerer.

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Well as a Franconian I cannot possibly condone Lederhosen anyway.