Whatcha Watchin'?, Season Two


Well, in that case, I’m prepared to allow you to continue to belong with us smart people. We are a very exclusive club, you know.

Nothing about the way in which ideas can be expressed about smartness or smart people is in any way condescending. And because I’m better than everyone else, I mean, because I am a smart person I can be assured of my being right about this.


Not quite, but you can save a lot depending on if you have anything to scavenge. Many of us who have upgraded PC’s or laptops have at least a drive sitting around, if not memory and perhaps a power brick that would work. Board $60, 1tb drive $50, 4gb memory $30, PSU $30. So that’s $170 if you have nothing and are willing to make a wooden case like I did. Plenty of people pay Comcast that much monthly.

The Out-Of-Context Conversation
The Out-Of-Context Conversation

MST3K’s just dropped on Netflix. Never seen it, so I’ll be able to remedy that. Yay!

And Lucha Underground S01 and S02 are now on Netflix for the US. It starts a bit slow, but really gets good past about S01E08 or so.


Bingeing on Youtube episodes of 8 out of 10 Cats Does Countdown lately.

For those unfamiliar: they took an extremely staid and nerdy (but fun) gameshow (Countdown, known as Letters & Numbers in Oz) and replaced the normal contestants with comedians (most of whom will be familiar to watchers of QI). It works. :slight_smile:


It makes me sad that you’ve never seen it, but I’m jealous that you get to experience it for the first time! The eps they put up on Netflix are good 'uns. Just re-watched Catalina Caper last night.


An update on this.

Halfway through season one, the series changes its tone a little. It seemed to drop its usage of scenes of shock gore in favor of more action scenes, and added a new gimmick: at the end of each episode, they now do a moody little sequence, usually without any character dialogue, under a music track with lyrics which are so on-the-nose to what’s gone on in the episode that it frequently strays into the realm of the twee.

I haven’t had any trouble with the show’s gore levels since the middle of season one (except for one brief surgical shot, near the start of season 2), up until just now.

I just watched an episode shortly into season two, and there’s a whole plot point that I apparently missed. In my brain, Character A was in dire peril from Character B, and we cut away to a different scene with other characters. Later we casually see Character B again, who now has a massive stab wound (but is not actually dead). Nothing is explained, although I gather that A must have somehow escaped B and then stabbed him? I guess? A is shown later on to be okay, and nothing is said about how they escaped their earlier peril.

I suspect that there must have been an on-screen fight between the two, and maybe my brain edited the whole sequence out for graphic violence? I don’t know.

So now I’m wondering, since I have this obvious spot where my brain has pretty clearly edited something out of my experience of the show; did they actually tone down the gore during the course-change I noticed back in the middle of season one the way that I thought they did? Or did they perhaps actually ramp up the gore to a level that my brain is now actively screening it out the way that it does for Game of Thrones and a few other shows?

Maybe I’ll get my flatmate to watch it and tell me. Or if somebody else knows off the top of their head (it’s s02e06), that’d work too.

My pet theory re: my brain editing things out of television episodes: The universe is a computer simulation built for entertainment, and whatever extra-dimensional entity is “playing” as me has their “parental controls” mode turned on.


It’s one of those shows that just passed me by for some reason.

And just finished that. So. Many. White People. Jokes. :laughing:

Next… Iron Fist. :metal: :punch:


Sorry, but which series are you talking about now? Santa Clarita Diet? Game of Thrones? Westworld? Penny Dreadful? Something else?


It sounds like mewse is almost certainly talking about The Blacklist.


Apologies; it was an update on my earlier post, which I quoted, which was about the Blacklist. Yes, I ought to have stated that explicitly.


The spin-off series is annoying. James Spader is the best thing about the Blacklist. He’s so much fun. I’m


Sorry, you’re what? Giggling helplessly? Climbing the alps? Being tailed by an incongruously attractive stranger? About to go through a tunnel? Something else? ;D


leaving you in a lurch. Or not noticing typos.


Taking a break from working my way through Doctor Who:


About to head out of signal range?


coming down with gastroenteritis?


…trying to shoo the cat off my keyboard?




watching the second season of Penny Dreadful and trying to figure out the herky-jerk pacing that likes to stop dead in it’s tracks for an entire episode. And wondering why Durian Great* is such an wasted character. Or the two more of the monster. Or why he killed somebody that spent an evening with Frankenstein, but had no problem waiting outside during a two-week hommage to The Exorcist. OR WHY THERE’S A FUCKING WEREWOLF IN THIS SHOW.

/* Typo that I’m leaving. Auto correct is very insistent.


Thank you! I couldn’t keep watching that show because my brain just couldn’t/didn’t want to process all of those things in one show.