Whatcha Watchin'?, Season Two


I was soooooo disappointed in what they did to him. Just being a fast gun with a mysterious past was enough.


Don’t watch the third season.

Please. I know you’ll finish the second and think how much worse can it get?


Stop after the first season. If you must keep watching the second, it ends there.

Nothing good will come from watching the third season.


I thought S03E04 was good. The stand-alone one, which explained some back-story.


OT, but I really like that theory. It could explain a lot of other personality traits many of us have too!


My wife has “heard” that the third season is “better” so I’m doomed.

I’m also forbidden from making snarky commentary.

Episodic-write-ups on iO9 say that the series sacrifices plot and coherence for scenic detail and mood. Can’t argue with that. It does scenes and shots very well BUT MAKES NO DUCKING SENSE.


What masochists has she been listening to?


One episode is.
The rest… not so much.

That’s sorta what I like about it. It’s a lot like the trashy stories it took the name from.


I started watching “The Sound of Your Heart” the other night. I was amused. I also had a lot to drink. Your mileage may vary.


I can’t look away

I think that we were right on the edge of the gees that AZN could hold


Whatcha watchin’?


And Ricciardo, Massa, Vettel, Bottas etc. :race_car:


At the circuit?

(I thought you were in QLD, not Victoria?)


LOL, fuck no. On telly. :slight_smile: Shady stream of SkySports coverage on the go.
Be nice to see it live there one day, but I got about as much chance of getting a drive as doing that. :laughing:


Finally getting around to this. It’s fun! Just finished episode 3; 2 more available online so far.


The expanse - the weeping somnambulist

It feels like multiple, but satisfying, plot threads are converging at a point in the future with the potential for some high drama. Showing the martians experience earth for the first time was a nice touch and alex does some fancy flying, again, because he’s just that awesome. Avasarala kicked all kinds of arse, again, because she’s just that awesome.

Legion - chapter 7

How about that. There’s nothing quite like this on tv/stream right now and i don’t feel like i’m lost, it makes sense with the whole mind parasite thing. It’s not all style over substance that i feared it was going to be but what style. Also a potentially huge easter egg - brief glimpse of xavier’s wheelchair.


Apparently, it’s gotten shitty reviews. I’ll be interested to know how you feel about it. I trust your judgement on these things.

Also, been watching the current season of Grace and Frankie. So far, I like it. I still want Dolly Parton to show up as a cameo.


I quite liked the silent movie section.


“Samurai Gourmet” was nothing like what I thought it would be but, so far, it’s been pretty charming. It’s all about a newly retired company man and the food he eats.


Oh yeah, when oliver gave them those glasses so they could see what was real. It’s never not visually interesting. I particularly enjoyed the bit when oliver was performing that symphony, presumably to disrupt the bullets on their passage. Always great to see one of the conchords in a role.


Watched episode 35 of series 46 of University Challenge, the semi-final between two Cambridge teams, one captained by the intense gentleman on my avatar. Very close, but Wolfson Team Canada narrowly beat Emmanuel College, who were undefeated up until today, and will go onto the final.

Emmanuel’s Bobby Seagull vs. Wolfson’s Eric Monkman


So there’s this “unofficial” streaming site I use to watch programs I pay for but am regionally blocked from seeing, and I decided to go through all 83 pages of shows to see what I may have been missing and/or forgot to keep up with.

A couple of titles look interesting - What Do Artists Do All Day, and The Meltdown with Jonah and Kumail for starters…