Whatcha Watchin'?, Season Two

Thankfully, we got that with Sense8.

With one of my other favourite shows, we got something else: a promise from the showrunner that no season would end without something that could reasonably taken as a conclusion. You may still have a feeling of “what next?” or want to know how they get out of what they landed in, but the point being, there was a landing. This ended, even if something else begins.

For five seasons he kept to that promise, one made from his decades in the industry that taught him “You may be the number one show, but if the network thinks the number two show is the better investment, you can find yourself gone in a heartbeat. Write on the premise that when the season’s over, your show could be over, too. Oh, and odds are, you are not the number one show.”

It’s not that he didn’t value a cliffhanger, it’s just that it would be the ending to the second-to-last episode of the season, or the first half of the final episode of the entire fucking series. The basic rule was: show your viewers some respect. You can leave them hanging, just don’t time it in a way that you end up leaving them hanging forever.


Low-budget nerd rapture reminiscent of Childhood’s End and the last bit of 2001: A Space Odyssey


It had some wacky elements, but overall it was pretty fun, I think.

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Creepshow… with Deadites?

I’m not sold.

Evil Dead stuff is only entertaining to me for a short time before it gets boring and tedious (sorry, Sam Raimi fanboys; that’s how I feel.)

Whereas I was really digging the reboot of the series, Creepshow:


I commonly see this written but, honestly, I’m the exact opposite. I read all of Doyle’s Sherlock oeuvre when I had an accident and had to get the bus to work. Most of the criticisms of Holmes fanfic/ripoffs is that it’s shoddily plotted, gothic elements and signifiers, and had Holmes as a Deus ex Machina solving the puzzle with some ludicrous magic thinking and they are all there in the originals. So much lazy bad writing in them. Like Lovecraft I love the milieu, not the original. I find Lovecraft barely readable.
The chief pleasure in the original Holmes stories for me is the bits that relate to the time they are written in. The references to the Mountain Meadows massacres by Mormon gangs in a Study in Scarlet
Or the frankly silly “the missing three quarter” which is a time capsule of how weirdly different the game of rugby union was. But in general give me a modern, often campy, romp using the tropes any time.

ETA I think my complete edition missed some of the late ones that weren’t out of copyright yet at the time. I have heard he put a bit more effort into them than some of the shoddy money spinners he knocked out while half asleep.


when a higher power is ending the world and “testing” the remaining characters—and that’s all, there’s no further explanation of anything—it seems like there are some pieces missing from the story

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Not a huge surprise that while Seaspiracy is overall a good effort, it oversimplifies some things, and overlooks some others.


All the good shows that get canceled before Season 3, and yet this still exists

Annoying and terrible, like a dumb person’s idea of something smart people would like

I keep saying I’m done but then I want to know how they explain The Mystery but THEY NEVER DO :roll_eyes:

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This may remind us of almost every other futuristic dystopia we’ve ever seen

( e.g. THX-1138, Westworld, Zardoz, Logan’s Run, Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome, The Matrix, Westworld again … )

and yet I would hesitate to call it “derivative”

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Just about to watch the final episode of season one of The Promised Neverland with my girls on a sneaky lunch break. When’s season two going to become available? We are watching on Netflix but I don’t see any torrents so I could find a sub file to go with (we watch non English language shows with subs rather than dubbed).

My elder daughter cried solidly through the third last episode. She brought us all down teddies to hold while we snuggled up for the second last. I suggested something lighthearted for a change but they were adamant. They love it.

Suggestions welcome. I’m planning Weathering With You based on @frauenfelder 's post recently which had Neverland in it.


I actually kinda liked that one. Got horrible reviews for the most part, but it was worth watching for me.

Them on Amazon. I’m glad it’s Friday, 'cause not-so-happy hour is gonna come early… :grimacing:


Are there giant ants?


I wish! The nightmares from this will be much worse than anything from sci-fi.


I’ve been watching Sacred Games on Netflix. I’m almost out of episodes to watch, so if anyone knows of anything similar from India, I’m all ears.

Just started watching.

Creepiness abounds.


this could be an awesome comedy if they just let the actors roll their eyes and wink at the camera a little

And we just signed up to Funimation to watch series 2.

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I like the way Robyn and her team joke around, but to me the lame cover story with her family is the true eye roll material. Would it be that difficult to pose as a private detective or bounty hunter?