What's the weirdest thing you can find on AliBaba?


I wasn’t able to find the big dinosaur at Aliexpress (where you can actually and easily buy stuff), but I did find this:

They also have some resin Tyrannosaurus skulls, but none were life size, which is what I need for my office.


Automatic Mucus filling machine


There’s a ton of really weird shit in this thread, but you just won it in my book.

So gross.


That was me, with allergies, last week.


Okay, off to find more rides for boingland. (Pronounced boyn-gland)


Ferris wheel

Water slide




Perfect for bottling my Slurm…

:game_die: Would You LIKE to Play a Game? :video_game:

Boyn-gland. “What needs to go / What would you put in the BB theme park” game?


Talk about your dog whistle politics.


That’s me with allergies RIGHT NOW… it’s been endless this year, for some reason. I think I’ve had a head ache for the past month…


Can all three fit in my back yard, you think? Will we be competing with Six Flags across the city?




Competing? No.


My vote is for @ficuswhisperer to kick it off. If he doesn’t want to, I’ll write something up.


Higher temperatures and more CO2 increase the length and intensity of pollen season. So basically your seasonal allergies (and mine) are going to get steadily worse, year on year, for pretty much the rest of our lives.

Hope that cheers you up.



#Weird Red High-heel Floor Lamp with Red Rose Lampshade ML2042


The modern fixture is made of high quality resin, it is a popular, modern
and noble art, this top class luminaire is very suit for house


a related product you might be interested in:

#Modern Big Horse Lamp Decorative Floor Lamp ML-2001


Application: Home, lobby, coffee shop, villa, hotel, shopping mall, hotel corridor, etc.


I’ll be d**ned - just about anything returns a search result:


They do make a wide variety of handmade famous celebrity pop art paintings on canvas:


That’s not a lamp, it’s a major award!


will they translate “Fra-geeeee-lay” from Italian into Cantonese on the outside of the shipping crate?