What's the weirdest thing you can find on AliBaba?


#Weird Red High-heel Floor Lamp with Red Rose Lampshade ML2042


The modern fixture is made of high quality resin, it is a popular, modern
and noble art, this top class luminaire is very suit for house


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#Modern Big Horse Lamp Decorative Floor Lamp ML-2001


Application: Home, lobby, coffee shop, villa, hotel, shopping mall, hotel corridor, etc.


I’ll be d**ned - just about anything returns a search result:


They do make a wide variety of handmade famous celebrity pop art paintings on canvas:


That’s not a lamp, it’s a major award!


will they translate “Fra-geeeee-lay” from Italian into Cantonese on the outside of the shipping crate?


Positive proof of medieval china’s technological superiority

:game_die: Would You LIKE to Play a Game? :video_game:



Did I get your attention?



There are a LOT of options on there for bulk human hair


had to be done.

  • = plausible deniability.


Christ, I don’t think the seller could possibly understand the implied source of used shoes from the Netherlands.


Nuclear Reactor Control Materials.

It’s not like WE’RE endangering anyone - that’s what terrorists do


Holy fuck.


Nuclear Reactor Control Materials.

none of the usual sources mention this application, though it is used in radiology as a contrast agent. If it is used as a moderator in reactors, you needn’t worry. It’s the fuel that’s “dangerous in the wrong hands.”


Yeah, but the point being if you advertised “Nuclear Reactor Control Materials” for sale in the UK / USA, you’d have some very interesting people to talk to in about 35 seconds. Unregulated!



herbal incense sounds amazing.


Would you like to drink some uranium?

They seem to have had a typo for citrus aurantium, which they claim is for “lowering cholesterol” though it’s an herbal Phen-Fen-type stimulant.


That stuff is fucking evil.


Honestly, I thought it was a euphemism for straight weed.