When the Floods Come: the Climate Change thread




Since (if I read the court orders correctly) each side will have a chance to present in a climate change tutorial (today), this judge may be accomplishing the Red Teaming that Pruitt failed to make happen.


Nice try, Exxon Mobil, but no.


According to this article, Integrated Assessment Models have historically (recent-historically) left out many things we could be doing but aren’t. Here, some new models assume we do these other things, and find that even with only minimal BECCS we can in theory hold the line at 1.5C average global warming.

What other things? Lifestyle changes, land use and agricultural changes, lab-grown meat, energy efficiency and renewables, reduced use of cars and planes, and population constraints. Very ambitious. Tough medicine to swallow.

it concludes by mentioning a range of other options for cutting emissions, which have also generally been excluded from previous work. These include soil carbon management and “rapid forced closure of fossil-fuelled power plants”.

Finally, none of the current scenarios consider a world without economic growth, considered by some researchers as the only path to a sustainable future.



And we have a coal-fired power station being reopened and marketed to (in part) power bitcoin and blockchain applications.


Good news is that Florida will be erased. /s


Surf’s Up!

As the weather becomes more extreme so do the after effects:

“[This] storm is the perfect example of waves generated by the easterly passage of a deep low-pressure system with associated wind speeds exceeding 65 knots.”




The problem is not too many people. The problem is greed.


“Reports suggest that unprecedented rainfall over the past month has led to more mushrooms growing than usual.”



“Heat and record-breaking floods seem to be responsible for the nightmarish conditions.”

More signs and consequences of climate change.


Yeah, but a significant part of the climate problem is environmental destruction by poor people in the tropical zones clearing rain forest for pasture or palm plantations. This is low productivity agriculture forced by population growth pushing people deeper into previously undeveloped areas. Sure, theres a layer of corporate greed atop it, but people feel they need to eat.


Per the title of the thread:







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