When the Floods Come: the Climate Change thread


2050 is not that far away, for any who are in the “not in my lifetime, so not my problem” camp.


So, maybe if we turn it into soap and jewelry, we won’t burn It? I’m really reaching here to make this not assholery.


I know, right? It’s weirding me out. It shows an astounding insensitivity to the stakes surrounding the matter at hand, our climate future. Maybe they hired some convention planning outfit who just didn’t really think. If not that, then someone in Poland is giving us a big F U.

It would be like visiting a concentration camp museum and the men’s and women’s room having Arbeit Macht Frei signs over them, available in the gift shop. The shop selling trinkets like SS death’s-head pins. Buchenwald Bier. Zyklone Zest, for that just-out-of-the-shower, fresh all over feeling.


Remember that this is Poland, ruled by a hard right government that has no problem with writing Polish participation in the holocaust out of history, among other despicable things.


Yes, just so. I am curious how this choice of exhibits was made.


Poland still has a large coal mining industry, it’s not rocket science.


OK, I agree, it stands to reason. Is that how it came to be? Good guess.



Better late than never…



This could change the picture a bit, if rich folks start to feel the pinch. Of course, their first response will be higher sea walls, but that won’t last very long.


I posted an article way upthread about how flood zone maps are being manipulated to hide the true cost of coastal flooding. Sooner than later many waterfront home owners are going to find themselves in deep water with expensive flood insurance policies and they’re going to act surprised.


Sunshine State


The philosophical and practical roots of Extinction Rebellion:

Skip to 38:20 to get to The Plan.



The world’s future is being negotiated in Poland:


The Paris Agreement established a global commitment to reduce emissions in line with holding the rise in temperature to “well below 2°C” and to pursue the even more ambitious target of 1.5°C. Negotiators will be gathering in Katowice to compose the “rule book” for aligning national mitigation with Paris and for increasing financial support to poorer nations. Once established, this rule book will likely remain the principal framework of international guidance for many years to come. By hosting COP, the Polish Government can apply the subtle influence of the COP presidency to constrain the level of international, and particularly EU, ambition. Early signs from Michal Kurtyka, the COP24 president and Poland’s former Deputy Minister of Energy, suggests he will resist aligning the EU’s mitigation policies with the Paris 2°C commitment, let alone consider the rapid and deep reductions called for in the recent IPCC 1.5 °C and UN Emissions Gap Reports.


Meanwhile Trump’s representatives are making asses of themselves (and, by extension, the country which they are representing, like, us.)



Those brave and noble G-men, hard at work as always.



I literally wept watching that speech. What a badass!