Why am I getting a bunch of messages from "system" on old posts?


Yeah, yeah… blame me. Thanks dude.


Me too. My friends never call, and now the system doesn’t even love me.


OK, that makes sense, but why is it important that I be notified every time I post a pic and y’all re-host it? can I turn this off?

addendum: @codinghorror, @sam ?

another addendum: OK, I see you’ve addressed this, just not in reply to me. how soon?


Right blame the bbs.


I had so many system notices I got slapped with “429 Too Many Requests” and couldn’t access the site for ~10 mins.


Deleted because I’m an idiot who didn’t notice an update pending on the machine I’ve just gotten back to after 2 weeks away.


ouch, that is not good.

I am torn on this one, on one hand, it is correct for system to be notifying you, it just went ahead and downloaded a remote image you hotlinked locally.

On the other hand this may be a bit on the loud side, I guess the “best” way to act here is to allow users to opt-out of this type of notification after they get the first one.


“I understand all my hotlinked images will be downloaded locally don’t bother me anymore with this [ ]”

Can we hide the system update to linked images?

Ladies and Gentlemen, I hereby announce the Grand Cosmic Master of all GIFs.

Bow your heads.




The System Is Down- Strongbad:


I do NOT want to be West to Mindy’s Swift.






OMG… did you actually just compare me to Taylor Swift? Like, really, for reals?

Wouldn’t it be more like Will Ferrell and Aubrey Plaza, with you as will ferrell and me as Aubrey Plaza and @ActionAbe as Peter Dinklage?


We already have this setting for site-wide disable of edit notifications by system, the question is why we failed to use it before moving BB to their own container…

We really should clean up and delete all these redundant notifications, since this was our fault.

Can we hide the system update to linked images?

Drop bobby tables?


Dude, word is that @system guy did it all.

Thanks @system guy!


This confused me too, but you can actually see the “edit” made by clicking he little pencil icon next to comment date… and how meta is this for your little deal-with-it-fest:


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