Why "Drunk Tank Pink" is a poor paint color choice for your baby's bedroom

From ages ago; I seem to recall that it is initially calming, but after a while it can have quite the opposite effect.

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Same here, but with some other odd affectations that I have picked up over the years that become more pronounced after knocking back a few pints – folks are always trying to guess where I hail from…

PS: I love y’all (the phrase) – I like y’all (mutants) as well.


I think @SmashMartian’s joke combined with my love of British panel shows has made you think I’m from the UK. My accent is from southwestern Ontario. Which is very close to the standard Canadian and American newscaster accent. Words like out and about give me away though. Also when I say Toronto, I swallow the second t. It sounds kind of like Torono.

Doesn’t the Minnesota accent include Canadian raising? That’s the different sound used in out and about.

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No, actually, I knew you were talking about Canada, you’ve mentioned it at least a few times. Peter Mansbridge is the voice that came to mind since CBC’s the only Canuckistani station we get. Wait a tick, SW ON? London, Sarnia, Windor, or somewhere in between the river and Toronto? Anyway, I tend to say Toronto that same way all the time, not just after a few barley sodas.

The rising sorta exists in Minnesotan, especially for a couple of those special tell-tale words. Probably the biggest difference is that we don’t say “sor-y” or “a-gain.” Well, and there are some peculiar regionalisms such as calling every casserole under the sun “hot dish” and every small vacation home “cabin.” Yah, sure, you betcha.

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I think there have been a few Canadian-born news people who have made it in the US. Peter Jennings for example. And someone who needs to be easily understood, Alex Trebek.

I’m in the London area. Southwestern Ontario is basically everything between Lake Huron and Lake Erie out to the tip of Lake Huron.

I forgot about Jennings, he’s been gone for a while now (may he rest in peace). I couldn’t possible forget Trebek is from Canada, but he’s been in the US so long that he barely sounds Canadian anymore. I’m familiar with your part of the world, that’s why I asked. :wink: I live about 40 minutes from the Ambassador Bridge.


There’s a good Geordie word, ‘shan’ which is more versatile than naff, as it translates as not only ‘not good/uncool’, but also as mean-spirited/treacherous, and fake/counterfeit and can be modified with swears, as in that’s fuckin’ shan that, like, I’ve got some shan tabs(cigarettes) for cheap if you want them, he’s shan as fuck that [insert word Americans don’t like but aussies & the english use with abandon. Yi knaa the one, bonny lad :wink: ].

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Aussie version is “Shonky”. They might even be related as your description fits nearly perfectly.

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