Will you miss the headphone jack?


Yep. I threw out the ones that came with my 2009 iPhone (3GS?) just a few months back (though I can’t claim they outlasted the phone they came with, since I gave that away and is still being used).

They conduct signal and convert it to sound. Not sure what else I’d need. Likely I will be just as satisfied with whatever Apple ships, if I upgrade the 5S.


That can happen too. As far as I can tell, there’s really no order to which device is given priority on the multi-paired headsets. Typically they’ll just play the audio from the most recently paired device, and when you disconnect that device it’ll default to the next one most recent one. I’ve never had one device interrupt another’s output on my headset unless I’m explicitly connecting something to it. You only have to pair once, but if you want to get the output of a given device you typically have to go into that device’s bluetooth settings and hit “connect”, which is rather self-defeating.


A design that doesn’t make your ears bleed? Seriously, I must have weirdly shaped ear canals or something, because every single iphone earbud I’ve tried to use simply didn’t fit or stay in. I could jam it in, and get a sore ear, but otherwise they just never really fit. Making an earbud out of hard plastic is a terrible idea. At least put some silicone boots on it.


Have you tried a different set of headphones? I’ve never had issues with my Apple’s earbuds, which suggests I’ve average cartilage.

A friend had had one of those “gummy” earplugs get caught in his ears and had to have a doc remove it. I’d stay away from those.


I just take issue with apple’s standard ipod and iphone earbuds they shipped until about 2012. The hard plastic ones that only came in a single size and also didn’t have any pads or boots. They were awful. I use much more comfortable earbuds these days designed by people who have at least looked closely at an ear once or twice.


My office is above the garage. This has happened to me a number of times. I’m negotiating a deal and suddenly everything goes blank. My customers are, I’m guessing, listening to my wife making befuddled swearing sounds until she realizes what’s happened.

:game_die: Would You LIKE to Play a Game? :video_game:

They seem to know mine. Just sayin’. But no experience is universal.


So how does the Pencil work? Is that bluetooth or … what?


That’s how I know that I am getting close when picking the wife up at the airport… I hear “connected”, then I start scanning the crowd.


And? It’s still a lossy codec, on top of (most often) lossy codecs. Nor
is V5, point of fact, actually released to “the wild” yet.


Beats headphones are extremely overpriced trash.


I’m seeing two sets of people:

People who like, prefer, and benefit from the headphone jack and don’t want to mess with the expensive alternatives: People for whom it is not fundamentally broken or in need of update.

People who are indifferent to it.


Don’t buy it.

Problem solved.


the most difficult thing to get used to on the new macbook is the shallow key travel. it took me several weeks to get used to typing on it.


Plus, those BT headphones most likely use a non-replaceable battery which degrades with every charge. It’s a one-way ticket to obsolescence.


I won’t miss the headphone jack, because it will remain on Android phones.

I’ll just laugh at folks who insist on using Apple stuff despite being shafted at every turn.


As long as you don’t buy a Moto Z. Or a LeEco (whatever one of those is).


The million-dollar question. Fuck Apple and their ‘we know what’s best for you’ attitude. The only reason I still own an iPhone is Hipstamatic, and it’s the only reason I would continue to own one.

I’m looking very hard at the LG V20 right now.


Well, they have to build that stockholm syndrome somehow.


Pretty much. I like records, tubes, wires, and all the rest because it makes me sit down, be mindful, and enjoy 30-40 minutes. It’s closer to meditation than anything. YMMV.