Xeni's posts don't click thru to the BBS

The latest one is https://boingboing.net/2020/11/10/one-in-5-people-who-get-covid-19-experience-mental-illness-within-90-days-study-reports.html
Clicking the BBS link at the bottom just takes you back to the news article.

Known issue. The Discourse folk are working on it.



Yeah I thought it was getting better. But today has been bad.

Why do I have to manually come to the BBS post listing to find this thread? The link from the actual story just loops back to https://boingboing.net/blog


this happens to me all the time, too. really frustrating.

but on the topic, as one of those post-covid people who is nearing the 90-day mark, i hope this is not true. or maybe, i’ve dodged a second covid bullet, i don’t know. but anyway, this news sure puts a stake in the heart of the “hey, let’s let herd immunity solve everything” argument, doesn’t it.


This happens all the time on random articles, and has for months. It appears to be a problem that BoingBoing has zero interest in fixing.

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This has been a recurrent problem in the last few months. It seems to occur with posts from Xeni, mostly. If you include @xeni & @orenwolf in your comment they will see & try to fix. Kudos to you for figuring out a workaround.

@xeni happening to me again with https://boingboing.net/2020/11/12/liz-and-richard-uihlein-billionaire-trump-megadonors-of-uline-packaging-got-covid-19-after-scoffing-at-risks.html