1,200 year old telephone


And we know it’s a telephone, rather than a jump-rope with gourd handles, because…?


Because the twine is 75 feet long, and is connected to a custom-built membrane.


What I’m interested in is what dating methods were used to arrive at the 1200-1400 age range? The extremely spotty provinence would be overshadowed if we had a reliable dating.

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Maybe the membranes amplify the sound every time the jump rope hits the ground and they had a 45 foot tall jump rope enthusiast.


My point remains that what looks like a paper-cup telephone to us may not have been intended as one.


Doesn’t matter, the N$A is still gonna tap that.


Or ceremonial group jump-rope tests of skill!

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It was actually used to lay out the curved parts of the Nazca lines.
Why don’t “scientists” ever seem to see the obvious?


It’s interesting how easily it can be dismissed as being one thing or another (or else), as if inventions instantantly appeared without any bugs or sign of incremental development.
For all we know it could be an early telephone, discarded because it couldn’t handle more than two users, a jump rope for communal celebrations or simply a line of thread for a yet undiscovered robotic sewing machine.


FTA, the estimated age appears to be derived from dates correlating with the height of the Chimu empire it came from and the date the Chimu were conquered by the Incans.

That’s what proves it is fake. 1,200 years ago, they didn’t use the measurement of “feet”.


Archaeologists found no such thing in Europe. This proves the Europeans were more advanced having achieved wireless technology 1,200 years ago.


So you’re suggesting a people who lived in the extreme northwestern regions of modern day Peru between 900 and 1470 CE were somehow directly linked to a people with a completely distinct culture who lived at the opposite southeastern end of modern day Peru between 100 and 800 CE? And more specifically with the Nazca Lines, which were created between 400 and 650 CE?

Yes, I’m quite sure the Chimú had a perfectly good reason to be in possession of a landscaping tool from a completely foreign culture over 600 miles of deserts and mountains away, that would necessarily be anywhere from 100 to 1000 years old. It couldn’t possibly be anything else! Nevermind the fact that it would make a pretty terrible tool for measuring out arcs on the ground (why use tiny little cups instead of wooden poles that you can actually grab, or tie additional lengths of rope to, or stick in the ground, et cetera?)

Obviously they’re intimately connected! Any other explanation is just an Illuminati coverup to protect the Grays from the evil agenda of the gay Reptilians pushing Obamacare!

They obviously used some sort of superluminal communication tool to cover the differences in time and distance…

I can’t tell if people are being ironic and sarcastic, or if the nutjobs have finally come out of the woodworks here.

Then again, BB is popular among Burning Man attendees, so I guess the latter makes sense…

Maybe also discarded because I can already communicate across a 75-foot gap, without even shouting.

(psst - he was joking.)

Or perhaps even super-liminal?

The only way to truly understand the conspiracy is to expand your mind! Why do you think The Man sabotaged the Hippie movement? Why do you think he started pushing poisoned substances on the unsuspecting believers? They got too close to the truth, man! Ever notice how people didn’t ever die of “overdoses” until it became a revolution, man? Until the goverment was shitting their pants because the truth was spilling out, and all their evil secrets were starting to come to light! They had to stop the truthseekers! :wink:


Typically when one is on the internet and one is being sarcastic, it is advised to make the sarcasm unerringly obvious. This cannot be done simply by making ridiculous, absurd, or stupid statements - because internet.


Custom-built? I don’t there was much mass-manufacturing going on 1,200 years ago :smile: